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Worldbuilding Document

Setting: Pacific Northwest (PNW) in the 1990s

1. World Context

The story unfolds in the richly diverse landscape of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) in the 1990s, a world substantially similar to our own but with one key difference: the animals are anthropomorphic. Animal communities coexist with human society, casually blending into human cities and towns, and functioning within their societies.

Rugged coastlines, towering mountains, old-growth forests, vast deserts, and verdant farmlands form diverse habitats for the anthropomorphic animals. Natural geographies determining the nature of the animal communities living there.

2. Animal Societies

The anthropomorphic animal society mirrors human society, with structured communities, industry, culture, and even government systems in place. They live in specially-designed homes in harmony with their environment and natural preferences. For instance, beaver families might have dam houses in rivers with living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

3. Anthropomorphic Animals

Animals retain their natural characteristics, but they also walk upright, talk, think, and live like humans. Each species' form and culture are heavily inspired by the animal it represents, leading to vast differences in lifestyles and abilities. Their clothing, made from nature-harvested materials, often complements their fur, skin or scales and their environmental needs.

4. Time Period - The 1990s

The story takes place during the 1990s. Despite being animals, the society reflects typical human society trends of the time. The technological advancements, pop culture, music, and fashion of the 90s are prevalent. Walkmans, grunge music, boybands, neon colors, plaid shirts, and massive cellphones are commonplace, and major cities have analog TV broadcasting systems. Due to lack of advanced digital technology, primary communication is through landline phones and post services.

5. Interaction and Coexistence with Humans

The anthropomorphic animals maintain diplomatic relations with human societies. In large cities, animals and humans live side by side, with some shared institutions like schools & public transport. They, however, continue to have their distinct community segments due to their unique needs.

6. Transport and Infrastructure

Animals either rely on public transport systems or their built-in abilities for commuting. Birds can fly, horses run, so on, but they may choose to use human or specially-created animal infrastructure such as treetop bridges or underground tunnels. Roads are structured differently, fitting all kinds of anthropomorphic citizens.

7. Economy

The economy is mixed, with both animals and humans participating. Some animals might have human-like jobs, while others' jobs are unique to their species. For instance, a beaver could work in construction, utilizing its natural abilities, while a feline might be engaging in pest control.

8. Environment and Flora

The environment of the PNW plays a significant role. The abundant flora varying from dark green pine forests, moss-laden wooded areas, lush wetlands, bright patches of wildflowers, vast farmlands suggesting different animal communities' presence and the type of life they live.

9. Governance and Laws

There's a multi-species government with representatives from various animal communities and human society. Laws are crafted, taking into consideration the unique needs and norms of both animals and humans. Animal laws generally respect natural instincts and behaviors, with a massive focus on preserving nature and environmental balance.

Worldbuilding Elements:

1. Anthropomorphic animal societies
2. Pacific Northwest (PNW) in the 1990s
3. Animal and Human Interaction
4. Animals specific traits and characteristics
5. Customized homes
6. Time period culture and technology
7. Transportation and commuting
8. Economic structure and job roles
9. Environmental habitats
10. Governance and Laws.


1. Nature vs. Urbanization: Explore the juxtaposition between the natural wilderness of the Pacific North West and the encroaching human-built environments. How do these anthropomorphic animals adapt and cohabitate within these new terrains?

2. Trust and Friendship: Central to the tale could be the theme of establishing friendships and the journey of learning to trust others, even when they're from different species, mirroring the diversity of culture and individuality.

3. Survival and Adaptation: Draw upon the survival aspects of animal life within the tale. This can also allow for exploration into human impact on natural habitats.

4. Time Passage and Nostalgia: Since it is set in the '90s, play on motifs of nostalgia, capturing the distinctive aspects of the era, and how the course of time changes all things.

5. Discovering Individuality: Each character can have its unique journey of discovering their individuality, skills, strengths and weaknesses paralleling the path of self-discovery in a teenager or a young adult's life.

6. Mystery and Adventure: The characters could embark on various adventures and solve mysteries, making it an intriguing read.

7. Courage in the face of adversity: The narrative could focus on overcoming challenges and fears, depicting courageous acts of the characters against predators or threats, symbolizing real-life obstacles.

8. Environmental preservation: This could be a subtle or central theme, especially dealing with issues like deforestation, human invasion into natural habitats, and climate change, nurturing awareness in an engaging manner.



1. **Bromley "Brom" Blackbear** – A burly, overalls-clad black bear who owns a local honey-based bakery. Despite his imposing build, Brom has a heart of gold and is deeply protective of those he cares about. He struggles with his dichotomy of being seen as intimidating while being gentle at heart. His past includes living a solitary life in the wild, and he used to be territorial and aggressive. He regrets his past actions. Brom's motivation to leave his past behind and create a safe haven for everyone propels him to stand up against the corporates trying to destroy his beloved home woods for capitalist expansion.

2. **Enola Quills** – A spunky porcupine journalist, decked in the grungy fashion of the '90s with liberal use of neon, flannel, and frizzy hair. Enola moved from her quaint rural town to get a taste of city life. She's the editor of a minor local newspaper where she vehemently voices her concerns over nature's preserving by regularly publishing articles. Enola is Pansexual, having had relationships with multiple species, embracing diversity in love.

3. **Moss Evergreen** – Moss is a thoughtful and placid deer who loves his solitude and quiet walks in the forest. An environmental activist who uses his ability to blend seamlessly with nature, often hiding, observing, and documenting human activities against the environment. He is gay, dealing with accepting his preferences in a traditional deer community, but gradually gaining their support.

4. **Felicia Whiskers** – A beautiful, sassy, and intelligent businesswoman feline who owns a successful pest control enterprise. Felicia, with a dubious past as a deadly predator and a street cat, has used her innate skills to make an honest living. Despite her opportunistic tendencies, Felicia values companionship over ambition and would risk moving across social and animal hierarchies for her loved ones.

5. **Rainn Ripple** – An androgynous river otter who teaches at the local school. Rainn had a troubled upbringing in her divided family, half of which wanted to assimilate more into human society while the other half wanted to conserve their aquatic culture. She is non-binary and goes by they/their. Through her teachings, Rainn instills in the young to respect the diverse cultures in their societies.

6. **Sullivan "Sully" Sabertooth** - A charismatic mountain lion musician who plays in a grunge band. He is charismatic, extraverted, and a bit of a heartbreaker. His backstory includes a struggle with addiction; the music industry's pressures led him down a destructive path, but he seeks to recover and find balance.

7. **Gravity Ravenwood** - A trans eagle who serves as a public attorney. Gravity's intelligence and sense of justice led her to quit a high-paying corporate job and work on uplifting people's rights from the grassroots level. She advocates for a better integration of animals and humans while ensuring both species' unique requirements are respected.

The Antagonist:
**Winston Hornsbill** - A driven billionaire human who plans to expand his business into the animal communities of PNW, threatening their homes and environment. Winston is relatable because his motivation initially stems from a need to provide jobs and boost the economy. However, his unwillingness to consider sustainable alternatives due to greed and the love for power makes him the primary antagonist. Although he is not inherently evil, his myopic views endanger the world around him.

Magic or Tech:

Human-relevant Action Conflicts:

1. The Balance of Urbanization: A conflict arises as a new human industrial project threatens the habitat of one of the animal communities, leading to a struggle between progress and preservation. Ultimately, the conflict needs to be resolved through negotiation and compromise, finding a middle ground that allows for both development and the continued cohabitation of the animals.

2. Cultural Misunderstandings: As these anthropomorphic animals and humans interact, conflict can arise from cultural misunderstandings or prejudices. This conflict might be resolved through education and shared experiences, highlighting theme of mutual respect and understanding.

3. Self-Identity Crisis: One of the characters, an anthropomorphic bird who's uncomfortable with their ability to fly, might face a personal conflict of accepting their identity. The other characters' support and the bird’s eventual acceptance and mastery of their own abilities could resolve this conflict, reaffirming the theme of self-acceptance and individuality.


1. Beaver Dam Village: Nestled into the banks of a river that winds through the verdant Pacific Northwest, you'll find a bustling collection of elegantly engineered structures - the idyllic Beaver Dam Village. The village houses mimics both the natural aesthetics of a beaver's dam and the functional elements of a '90s human household. Streamlined tunnels lead to comfortable burrows, complete with wooden furniture and cozy fireplaces, the soft river song in the background.

2. Cottonwood Tree School: Standing majestic amidst a forest of lush, fragrant firs is a towering cottonwood tree. Its enormous branches cradle the Cottonwood Tree School, a place of learning for young anthropomorphic animals. Classrooms are nestled in tree hollows bedecked with moss-draped balconies and leafy canopied art spaces, while gym lessons take place in clearings on the forest floor.

3. Owl's Watchtower: A silent guardian overlooking the animal city, the Owl's Watchtower is a centuries-old pinewood lighthouse on the rocky coastline. Here, a community of owls keep vigil over the incoming oceanic traffic by night, relaying messages across the land, their sight as clear under the moonlight as in the sunlight.

4. Grunge Squirrel Treehouse Cafe: This is the bustling urban corner in the heart of the animal town, reminiscent of the iconic '90s grunge scene. Here, the Grunge Squirrel Treehouse Cafe serves as the vibrant gathering spot. Filled with the scent of fresh pine nut brews and tunes from the best alternative rock bands of the era, it reflects the edginess and rebelliousness of the grunge movement.

5. Salmon Creek Market: This is the beating heart of the local economy, a bubbling marketplace teeming with stalls run by various anthropomorphic animals. It's a dizzying mixture of colors, smells, and sounds: fish being traded, berry jams and fungi being sold by racoons, porcupines selling tender leaves and barks. It's a quintessential 1990s bazaar.

6. Raccoon Cityscape: Deep amidst the tall evergreens is a city sculpted over and around tree trunks, the Raccoon Cityscape. It is a perfect blend of urban design and natural aesthetics, lit by fireflies, with treetop walkways and ziplines connecting a network of wooden cabins with whimsically decorated facades reflecting the vibrant '90s pop culture.

7. Mount Wolf Congress: At the peak of a snow-capped mountain, the stark, stone-carved structure of the Mount Wolf Congress looms. Within, each enclave is reserved for a species' representative, in this multi-species government formulating laws for the collective animal world. The temperature is kept naturally cool, reflecting the seriousness of matters deliberated within.

8. Pelican Harbour: A bustling port town, etched along a stunning bay. Bellowing sea lions lounge around the sun-soaked docks, while otters nimbly navigate the turquoise waters. Pelicans man the cargo stations, overseeing the loading and unloading of ocean-liner ships. Seagulls scribble the sky with their soaring dances, catching up on port gossip, their voices harmonizing with the ever-present rhythm of the crashing waves.

Character Relationships:

1. Bromley "Brom" Blackbear and Enola Quills: Bromley and Enola's relationship is complex, fulled by mutual respect. Enola admires Brom's determination to leave his past behind and his compassion for others, which she often writes about in her articles. They're involved in a long-standing unrequited love situation. Enola cares deeply for Brom, and Brom cherishes her, but their unique life commitments keep them from confessing their feelings. Their dynamic showcases the quirks of their personalities, with Brom's gentleness contrasting Enola's bold spirit.

2. Enola Quills and Gravity Ravenwood: As staunch defenders of societal rights, Enola and Gravity share a close professional relationship. Enola's journalism and Gravity's legislation often interweave as they work towards preserving both animal and human rights. They have a hyper-competent relationship backed by a mutual respect for each other's work. Gravity values Enola's relentless efforts to educate the public about environmental issues, while Enola appreciates Gravity's legal prowess in fighting for a fair society.

3. Moss Evergreen and Rainn Ripple: Both being introverts and nature enthusiasts, Moss and Rainn share a deep bond. They find solace in each other's company. Their relationship dynamic involves silent walks in the forest, listening to the sounds of nature, understanding, and respecting the silence between them. Moss helps Rainn find peace amidst their inner-conflict about their dual identity, while Rainn supports Moss in embracing his identity within his traditional clan.

4. Felicia Whiskers and Sullivan "Sully" Sabertooth: In the past, Felicia and Sully had an intense relationship fueled by their shared struggle with overcoming their destructive behaviors. Their relationship was passionate but unstable due to Sully's substance abuse issue and Felicia's opportunistic tendencies. After their breakup, Felicia moved into business, channeling her skills for good, while Sully began the path of recovery. They maintain a tension-filled, hesitant friendship, reflecting on their mistakes and yearning for redemption.

5. Sullivan "Sully" Sabertooth and Bromley "Brom" Blackbear: Sully and Brom have an interesting bond based on their shared experiences of regret and a desire for change. Brom, as an older and wiser figure, often provides advice and guidance to Sully on dealing with pressures of fame and recovery. Their past mistakes and subsequent transformation create an unspoken bond of camaraderie and mutual understanding between them.

6. Winston Hornsbill and Enola Quills: This is a classic activist vs corporate magnate relationship. Winston views Enola as a nuisance who prevents him from expanding his enterprise, while Enola sees Winston as a threat to the peaceful coexistence of animals and humans in PNW. Their interactions are full of tension and ideological conflicts, with Enola continuously exposing Winston's destructive plans through her journalism and Winston trying to undermine her.


Here is the complete flushed out and revised 7 scene outline-

SCENE 1: In the bustling Salmon Creek City Market, we meet our key characters - Brom, Enola, and Winston. Amid the hustle, Enola, an enthusiastic journalist, interviews Brom, a soft-spoken baker about his honey production. Their sharing insights about the city's growth and conservation efforts. Winston Hornsbill, a pompous tycoon visits and his expansion plans for the city disturb the market vendors. After a tense interaction with Winston, Enola and Brom decide to delve deeper into this issue.

SCENE 2: At the Owl Watchtower, Enola, Brom, and Gravity, the legal expert of the community, discuss Winston's city expansion plans. Gravity reveals new laws are favoring humans over anthropomorphic animals leading to deforestation. She suggests legal resistance can be their only hope. Inspired, Enola and Brom decide to collect sufficient proof against Winston, setting the stage for their investigation.

SCENE 3: Enola and Brom sneak into Winston's office, discovering plans of intensive deforestation and underhanded bribing to get these plans passed. When they present their findings to Gravity, she's alarmed and suggests rallying the community to protest. Local artist, Moss, is called upon to lead but refuses, ending this scene on a cliffhanger.

SCENE 4: In an emotional confrontation outside Moss's cottage, Enola manages to persuade Moss to lead, resolving their past tensions. Moss rallies the animal community and human supporters to protest against Winston's destructive intentions. Simultaneously, with the evidence provided by Brom and Enola, Gravity begins her legal battle in the courtroom. The scene ends with Moss getting arrested and chaos ensuing.

SCENE 5: The arrest of Moss stirs up fear among the community, but Sully, a grunge musician, captures this emotion and rallies more support. In the courtroom, Gravity presents hardcore evidence against Winston. The mysterious stranger introduced earlier turns out to be an ex-employee of Winston who is ready to testify against him. Amid all the legal battles, a gunshot in the protest crowd outside the courtroom ends the scene abruptly.

SCENE 6: Sully helps evacuate the crowd after the gunshot, creating a heroic moment. The news of the court verdict against Winston causes a celebration among the crowd, and Winston is ousted from his corporate position. The police officers responsible for the gunshot are dealt with legally. Moss is released, and a sense of victory pervades the market. A romantic spark ignites between Enola and Brom, and Moss is seen embracing his new leadership role.

SCENE 7: The final scene takes place at Brom's Bakery where the community celebrates their victory. The characters reflect on their shared journey, acknowledging their growth and unity. A lighter subplot of Sully singing about their triumph, and Enola and Brom's budding romance enhances the community's celebratory spirit. Felicia announces her plans to expand her business, providing jobs for both humans and anthropomorphic animals, symbolizing future cohabitation. The scene and the story wrap up on a hopeful note for a balanced coexistence between humans and animals.


Here is the final version of Scene 1


The Salmon Creek City Market is a idyllic picture of bustling mercantile life knit intricately into the picturesque Pacific Northwest setup. Sounds of lively banter and laughter lace the crisp morning air, intertwining with the heady aroma of fresh vegetables from the local farmland and the earthy scent of the bordering moss-laden forest. Colorful market stalls punctuating the emerald green canopy, resembling an artist's vibrant splash against a nature's canvas.

The camera offers a soaring BIRD'S-EYE VIEW, revealing the tapestry of anthropomorphic animals and human folks dressed in their liveliest '90s attire - radiant neon hues, preppy plaid shirts, crisply ironed flannel - all jostling, haggling, and engaging in good-natured camaraderie. Below, the sweet soft crescendo of a grunge boy band bleeding out from a retro radio tunes the rhythm of the market heartbeat.

The VIEW DESCENDS to one particular stand manned by BROMLEY "BROM" BLACKBEAR, an imposing black bear, donning faded overalls over his brawny torso. Brom's friendly countenance, however, strikes a stark contrast with his intimidatingly burly figure. He exchanges honey jars with a loyal customer, who thanks him in reverent tones, as several children look on in awe at his sheer size.

Emerging from the crowd, ENOLA QUILLS, a spunky porcupine, sporting an ensemble of eclectic '90s fashion, captures our attention. She deftly maneuvers through the bustling crowd, her glasses glinting in the sunlight, holding a vintage TAPE RECORDER resembling a prized weapon.

ENOLA (grinning)
Can you spare a second, Brom?

Brom acknowledges with a gentle nod, pausing his work to welcome her familiar presence.

BROM (smiles warmly)
Always got time for you, Quills.

Their shared laughter disperses a contagious warmth that outshines even the sun beaming down on the vibrant market scene.

With a whirlwind of excitement, Enola embarks on her interview, enquiring enthusiastically about Brom’s honey production, his dedication to sustainability, and the impact of encroaching urbanization on their homespun market. Her questions skillfully tread the intersection between lighthearted banter and serious concern.

Just as Brom delves into his deepest worries for their green haven, an ominous LIMOUSINE rolls to an abrupt halt at the market's periphery, casting a stifling shadow over their jovial chatters. All activity halts as eyes are drawn towards the sleek, alien object that has intruded their organic setup.

From this gleaming metal beast, WINSTON HORNSBILL materializes, a stark epitome of city life encased in his immaculate suit. His presence disrupts the kaleidoscopic vibrancy, draining the color out of the crowd, who pull back as if challenged by an imposing predator.

With a jarring disregard to the crowd's dismay, Winston saunters towards Brom's honey stand, a smile plastered on his face, eyes glittering with an insincere charm.

WINSTON (smirking)
Ah, Brom, your honey is the talk of the town, I hear?

BROM (cautiously polite)
Always welcome here, Mr. Hornsbill.

Enola, brimming with courage and conviction, angles her microphone towards Winston, her question about expansion plans in the local wilderness, a pointed dart aimed directly at his schemes.

Winston brushes her concern off casually, his remark about 'civilizing the wild' exposing his thoughtless intentions, igniting whispers of dread among the audience, their sanctuary suddenly under threat.

In the midst of this tension, Enola and Brom exchange a look of shared realization. The friendly banter of the day has turned into a silent agreement, a pledge to stand as the guardians of their home, now endangered by the imminent sweep of urbanization.

As the discordant notes of Winston’s departure fades out, it is replaced by a newfound determination resonating between Brom and Enola. Her grip on the microphone intensifies. He flexes his paws, the quiet hum of '90s music filling the air again. Their resolved glances, mirroring their steadfast intentions, set the tone for a resistance that is yet to be unfold.


Here is the final version of scene 2



The owl watchtower provocatively pierces the obsidian night sky, a pine-tree-built beacon that proudly surveys over the anthropomorphic animal community. This awe-striking edifice, peppered with traces of history, is an emblematic representation of the past, present, and future of the community — a symbol of strength, unity, and resilience. The quiet resonance of nocturnal melodies form a mellifluous baseline for the occasional whisper of conspiracy and insidious intent that reverberates around it.


Inside the seclusion of this pine fortress, an intimate glow from firefly lanterns dances across the faces of three determined friends: BROM, a lion-hearted baker; ENOLA QUILLS, a fierce investigative journalist; and GRAVITY RAVENWOOD, an intellectually gifted trans eagle attorney. They huddle together over a rustic oak table strewn with blueprints, a jigsaw puzzle of chaos and disarray indicative of their shared crisis.

BROM’s voice, pitched with unease, flows from his bulky figure, clothed in flour-dusted apron.

BROM (worried)
It’s bigger than the market, Enola. It's our homes, our lives.

Gravity, at her regal height and dressed in a flowing silk kaftan, points her talon at the earmarked regions on the blueprint, casting ominous shadows.

GRAVITY (righteous anger in her eyes)
The new laws favor human society, even if it means blatant deforestation. It’s nothing short of legal malpractice.

Enola, in her vintage tweed blazer, clenches her fists and strikes the wooden table in frustration.

ENOLA (roars)
And we can't be bystanders now, letting our world be destroyed. The truth must come out.

Determined, Brom squares his shoulders, tightening his apron.

BROM (passionate)
I’ll face Winston head-on, as I always have.

Gravity reaches for a bulky law book, her talons tracing over the rigid lines of text.

GRAVITY (discerning)
Our resistance needs legality, not just ethics. We might find cracks in this law book to exploit.

Her royal-blue eyes narrow as she flips through the pages rigorously, her voracious intellect gleaming between the flurry of action and intensity.

Feeling the swell of determination, Enola reverberates passionately.

ENOLA (conviction resonating)
And I will shed light on the real story. People need to see Winston's true face.

Brom, firm and assertive, places his large paw next to Enola's clenched fist. A silent agreement binds them.

BROM (in solidarity)
We stand united.

The ambient glow from the firefly lanterns creates an unspoken tableau, encapsulating the spirit of clash they’re about to face. A wave of responsibility surges across the room, heavy yet empowering, permeating the crisp night air flowing through the tower’s wooden slats. Standing on the cusp of a monumental struggle, their indefatigable unity becomes their armor.

The falling night deepens their resolve and their strategic planning echoes off the sturdy watchtower walls into the stillness of the night. They know their community's survival rests solely on their coordinated efforts, a silent pact they've made with their homes, and each other.

The scene wraps, leaving the echo of the haunting nocturnal soundscape and the lingering pledge of the strategizing trio, setting in motion the battle for their homeland against the encroaching urbanization.



Here is the final version of scene 3



Under the moon's ghostly silver glow, the intimidating fortress that is Hornsbill Corporation dominates the skyline, its exterior glass mirroring the night’s cold impartiality. Its malignant grandeur overshadows the city's nightly rhythm replaced by a disquieting muteness.



Winston's office is a temple of audacious power - towering walls adorned with grandiose surrealist art depicting man's ruthless supremacy over nature. The room radiates an unsettling aura of detached professionalism tinged by a lurking malevolence.

Suddenly, a click breaks the thick silence, followed by a soft, victorious exhalation.

Bathed in the soft glow of the moonlight is Enola, resembling a sleek silhouette in her fitted black ensemble. The door creaks open, revealing Brom, his built frame incased in a similar gear. A quiet nod connects the pair, their faces reflecting a resolve born from the remembrance of their vibrant, threatened market.

They engage with the room's eerie tranquility, deftly dodging unseen security lasers. Enola moves with a dancer's grace while Brom's beastly size is compensated by his inexplicable stealth.

The mammoth mahogany desk holds an intricate spread of blueprints. Extracting a tiny mechanical contrivance from her camouflaged satchel, Enola sets it loose upon the designs.


The gadget initiates a scan, forming a haunting holograph of their buzzing Salmon Creek community succumbing to oppressive human establishments.

The holograph evaporates into the oppressive silence, leaving behind a glowing data cube throbbing with the harvested intelligence. Its pulsating light illuminates their fraught faces - they have unveiled Winston's monstrous objectives.

BROM (whispering)
Not just the market, Enola. Our whole world’s in jeopardy.


In Gravity’s cozy, lantern-lit residence, Brom and Enola relay the night's adventure, the data cube dancing ominously in firefly shadows.

Gravity's gaze sternly regarding the cube nods credence to their alarming revelation.

GRAVITY (serious)
This is a deliberate assault on the very essence of our society… our existence…

ENOLA (frustrated)
We must expose Winston's cloak of benevolence.

Caught in thoughtful brooding, Gravity proposes a solution.

GRAVITY (thoughtful)
We need unified resistance. That could potentially unravel the legal underpinning enabling such atrocities.


The soft tinkling of chimes announces another presence. Moss, a living embodiment of the forest he adores, enters.

Enola steps forward, her hand outstretched towards Moss, carrying the gloaming data cube. Moss, stiff with reluctance, averts his gaze.

ENOLA (earnest)
Moss, the community reveres you. Your voice could…

MOSS (interrupts)
No, I can't do it.

His refusal sinks into the room, painting a veil of shock and disbelief. A palpable sense of despair permeates the atmosphere, hanging heavily around our trio grappling with this unwelcome obstacle.



Here is the final version of scene 4




Sunlight seeping through dense emerald foliage dapples the earthy exterior of Moss's quaint cottage, nestled deep within the towering conifers of the Pacific Northwest's ancient woodland. The cottage exudes a rustic, well-loved charm, draped in creeper vines and lichens that blend effortlessly with the natural aesthetics of the forest.

Enola stands at the fringe of the woodland, her breath forming foggy tendrils in the frosty air, her gaze etched with untamed resolve.



Squaring her shoulders, Enola strides purposefully towards the cottage, Bromley's massive silhouette shadowing her petite figure, a silent vanguard. Their footfalls crunching over the frost-laden undergrowth fill the morning silence.



Enola knocks crisply against the moss-covered door, a symphony of birdsong echoing in the still morning air. As the creaky door swings open, Moss appears, his eyes guarded, his graveness matching the hard line of his jaws.

ENOLA (assertively)
We need to talk, Moss. Right now.

Bromley adds his imposing presence to the scene, his burly figure creating a stark semblance of unyielding solidity against the surreally tranquil woodland backdrop.

BROMLEY (gruffly)
It's now or never, Moss.



Moss's tranquil garden, scattered with his whimsical creations of stone and wood, provides a stark counterpoint to the tense discourse happening amidst its serenity. Flashes of the human civilization's '90s era mingle with naturally woven pieces, underlining Moss's connection to his past and present.

Invisible sparks fly between Enola and Moss as their conversation, steeped in years of pent-up resentments, unresolved feelings and mutual concern for their home unveil itself.

ENOLA (passionately)
Our home, Moss, our livelihoods, they're teetering on the edge. Your voice, your influence, it's!

MOSS (softly)
I... I can't... I don't...

His reluctance hang thick in the air, but Enola, armed with determination, refuses to back down.



In her warmly-lit, oak-paneled home office, Gravity focuses her attention on the damning data cube. Her talon-like fingers dance rhythmically over the keys of her typewriter, weaving powerful legal statements to combat Hornsbill Corporation’s shady machinations.

GRAVITY (murmuring to herself)
Justice will be served.



Moss, after a battle with his insecurities, finally nods to Enola. His eyes glimmer with newfound purpose, lending a silken strength to his mild demeanor. Past issues melt away, consumed by the fires of a formidable common cause.


Standing atop a makeshift stage in the heart of Salmon Creek Market, Moss gazes over a sea of anthropomorphic faces peering out of their nature-harvested attire - fear, courage, and resolve mirrored in their eyes.

MOSS (shouting)
We will preserve... We will resist...



Simultaneously, Gravity strides into the spotlight of the courtroom, armed with irrefutable evidence and steely conviction. A hush descends over the room as she launches into litigating against Winston Hornsbill.

GRAVITY (assertive)
Your honour, we come before you to seek justice...



An abrupt surge of local police officers into the peaceful protest shatters the electric calm, morphing the assembly into a chaos-riddled battleground. The arresting officer, a hardened, dystopian symbol of legality in bull form, clamps handcuffs onto Moss's trembling wrists.

Moss Evergreen, you’re under arrest for instigating unlawful assembly.



As Moss is led away, Enola's gaze follows him, her cheeks streaked with defiant tears. Bromley's clenched jaw, the visible tick in his tightening hands, magnifies his stoic commitment.

The scene ends with Enola's voice, a whisper in the chaos, resounding like the promise of a storm.

ENOLA (whispering)
Fight on...



Here is the final version of Scene 5




The city market pulsates with palpable tension; fear, confusion, and determination intermixed, swirling like the thrumming undercurrent of an untamed river. A hushed symphony of vendors whispering echoes through the air, and in their wide, anxious eyes, the somber reflection of Moss's sudden arrest flickers.


On the periphery of the market, a throng amasses around a makeshift stage. Out steps SULLIVAN 'SULLY' SABERTOOTH, a grunge emblem clothed in faded, torn jeans and a baggy flannel shirt, a relic of the 90s. His blue eyes, deep as Pacific tides, mirror the emotions churning within this communal heart.

SULLY (Strumming guitar, passionate)
Fellow inhabitants of this great Pacific North West, our peaceful vigil for our land was sabotaged. Our brother, Moss, unjustly taken away. But fear shouldn't birth defeat...

His words spiral into the ether, followed by the mournful strumming of his guitar, a melody imbued with the smoky essence of grunge, tailing the smoke signals of their collective ire.



In stark contrast to the external tumult, the courtroom with its speckled wallpaper reflective of the 90s, hums with a sober, almost sterilized anticipation. The soft glow of an analog CRT television casts long shadows, mirroring the gravity of the situation at hand.

Highlighted under the incisive scrutiny of sterile fluorescent lights, GRAVITY RAVENWOOD squares her shoulders, standing with unflinching resolve. Her steely eyes focus on the data cube lying innocently on the table in front of her.

GRAVITY (Assertive, holds up data cube)
Your Honour, this data cube unravels truths Winston would prefer remain hidden...



As Sully's bittersweet rhythm spills into the anticipating crowd, a cloaked figure emerges. The enigmatic ROY, the 'shadow-man' from prior scenes, threads his way through the crowd. His attire - a nondescript 90s' bulky coat and a low-riding cap serves as an effective camouflage, hiding more than just his face.



Gravity lets a silence fill the room, then points towards the shadowy figure in the audience, defining his presence for the first time.

GRAVITY (Pointing towards Roy)
This man seated among us was once Winston Hornsbill's right hand...

Like wildfire, whispers unfold among the attendees, their eyes turning to Roy. Winston's faςade cracks, exposing a momentary chink in his armor.


Simultaneously, Roy lifts his cap, exposing his familiar visage. A collective gasp swells through the market as they recognize the former Hornsbill Corporation employee.



Roy stands, an echo of his accusations reverberating through the room. His features remain stony predetermining the storm that his confession might unleash.

ROY (stares at Winston)
The councilwoman's claims align with what I've experienced...

His testimony ripples through the courtroom, causing murmurs to swell into a tide of numbing shock. Winston blanches, his icy gaze momentarily thawing as the threat of Roy's damning revelations looms.

Hard Cut:


As victory seems imminent, a GUNSHOT slices through the quiet expectancy, halting Sully's melody mid-note. A reverberating shockwave of chaos unfurls, animals dispersing in panic. The camera sweeps through the chaos, focusing on ENOLA QUILLS. Her unblinking eyes reflect a daunting realization; their struggle for home had dangerous repercussions.



An echo of chaos persists, birds erupt into the sky, a cloud of flapping wings, and alarmed cries blaring through the market. Brom counters the panic with commanding roars attempting to reign in the pandemonium. The scene freezes on Enola's panic-stricken face, mirroring the ascending dread within the community, ominous and impending.



Here is the final version of scene 6




The heartbeat of Salmon Creek vibrates chaotically as the echoes of gunshots lingered in the thickening air. Sully Sabertooth's commanding vocal fervor cuts through the disarray.

SULLY (Tiger, shouting, calming)
Listen! Fear won't claim us tonight. Make your way towards the shelters!


Sully, donned in time-honored '90s grunge attire, complete with ripped jeans and a neon stringed guitar reminiscent of Kurt Cobain, guiding anthropomorphic animals through the clamoring crowd. His determined, clear eyes making a stark image against the fading sunlight.



An opposing tranquility fills the room as Gravity Ravenwood, an elegant raven, donned in a fitting, feather-patterned blazer, concluded her compelling evidence presentation. The echoes of her impassioned plea opposing Winston's destructive proposition still filled the room.

GRAVITY (filled with conviction)
Your Honour, punitive measures must be taken against such detrimental exploitation of our homeland!

BACK to:


As the vibrant ochre hues from the setting sun diffused into the approaching city neon lights, Bromley 'Brom' Blackbear plays an indomitable figure amidst panic. With gentle firm commands and skilled organization, he managed the evacuation of elderly and kids. His large figure, a bear clad in flour-smattered apron – a bakery sign - contrasted the dire scene.



The courtroom reverberates with the metallic thud of a gavel hitting the polished judgment desk, marking Winston Hornsbill's downfall. The stern-faced judge, a wise, gray wolf dressed in a stern suit, towered in his position of authority.

JUDGE (sounding gruff yet determined)
Disruptions to mother nature's equilibrium will never go unpunished...

The silence following Judge's thundering verdict signifies Winston's descent from grace, his conceited demeanor replaced by a stricken shock, picturing a mogul's fall.



The news of Winston's defeat rapidly swept through the Pacific Northwest market, enveloping it in victorious euphoria. The once petrified faces transformed into jubilant smiles and anticipatory laughter. A makeshift stage came to life with the resounding chords of '90s victory songs and infectious dancing.

During the celebration, Brom and Enola's eyes connected. Brom, an innate gentleness in his beastly eyes, offered his paw. Enola, a human in the sea of animals with the luminous night reflected in her eyes, gracefully accepted the invitation. Amid the rustling trees their dance manifests into a romantic interlude.


MOSS EVERGREEN, a once reluctant leader, now cushioned in his new role, proudly led the community's celebration, his eyes echoing the '90s idealism, the unwavering spirit of nature against human adversity.



In juxtaposition, the officers responsible for the gunshot meet the consequences of their action. Two officers, a gruff boar and a staunch hound (the epitome of '90s cop stereotype), see to the disciplining of the rogues. The swift execution of justice left no room for bystanders, drawing parallels to human domain.



The smoky tendrils of the dying fire marked the end of the tumultuous evening. The night's stillness, punctuated only by the faint echoes of victory songs, resonated the hopes of a future where woodland cohabitation would not be an illusion, but a reality.





Here is the final version of scene 7



A glorious sunrise bathes Salmon Creek in strokes of lavender and gold. Brom's Bakery, a charming structure nestled among ancient trees, punctuates the serene landscape. The whispering winds of the Pacific Northwest, carry the comforting scent of cinnamon and honey from the bakery, punctuating the cool forest air.


Inside the rustic bakery, Brom, dusted with flour and wearing a faint smile, exudes a sense of tranquility, starkly different from the anxious baker we met in the beginning. He dishes out golden pastries that glisten with honey, their aroma further tantalizing the room, already abuzz with heartening banter reflecting the spirit of unity.

BROM (to a young anthro-animal customer, cheerfully)
Just like this honey makes the pastry sweeter, our unity strengthens and sweetens our community, lad.



Sully, his grunge attire contrasting against the timber backdrop, strums his guitar like a revolutionaries command. His infectious energy permeates the room as he belts out a song of resistance, his voice ringing out like a symphony of unity across diverse species.

SULLY (singing, passionately)
From canopies tall, our cry did fall,
Echos of liberty, in unity we thrall...



Amid the joyous clamor, a delicate moment unfurls between Enola and Brom. Barker towering behind the counter offers Enola a honey-glazed pastry. The sweet symbol reflects their shared adventure and signals the start of something new. Enola, flattered, records her thoughts in her ever-present notepad.

ENOLA (To Brom, playfully)
I'd quote you on this niche bakery-metaphor for my next feature... "Brom's Sweet Rebellion"?

BROM (Haltingly, sincerely)
I’d...uhm… like your company for dinner tonight, if you'd allow.



Felicia Whiskers, donning her formidable business suit and a radiant smile, magnifies the victory message from the bakery terrace. Her plans to grow her company, translating her vision of harmony, prompts encouraging cheers from the crowd.

FELICIA (Addressing the crowd, elated)
Today we've proven that unity and adaptation are the keys to our survival. To honor this, Whiskers Pest Control is expanding, and I welcome everyone willing to contribute to our collective goals.



The joy ripples through the crowd, impacting each one uniquely. Rainn echoes Felicia, molding the narrative for the young ones while Moss, silently captures the jubilant scene onto his canvas. The shared victory amplifies, reinforcing the strength of unity between humans and anthropomorphic animals.



The sunset bathes Brom's Bakery in a soft glow, its golden light mirroring the community's triumph. As the last vestiges of the day fade, Brom's bakery illuminates as a symbol of resilience and adaptation, forecasting a future of symbiotic existence.

Brom mutters a solemn self-thought as he absorbs the conclusion of this transformative day.

BROM (to himself, hopeful)
"We've sowed the seeds of harmony today, our collective future will reap its benefits."




In the quiet wake of a victorious day, the seventh scene completes with an open canvas for future narratives. Its lasting narrative: a resilient community cultivating a harmonious relationship between distinct inhabitants. The scene imbues hope for a balanced future, humming with the legacy of the '90s spirit, growing quieter yet resonant as we transition into what lies ahead.