I’d like a new film that’s sort of like fringe meets arrival meets interstellar meets dune. Expansive, transcendental, quantum, hallucinatory, but well plotted and gripping. exploring soft sci fi through permutation of hard physics math. - Your Published Scriptmaker Team Output



Worldbuilding Document: Expansive and Quantum Fringe

The story takes place in a distant galaxy that is vastly different from our own. Much of the galaxy is dominated by the vast and ancient, war-torn space empire known as the "Dominion". Within the Dominion, there are countless planets, each with their unique ecosystems, cultures, societies, and histories. However, there are still small pockets of unexplored regions of space, inhabited by indigenous and mysterious beings, who remain unaffiliated with the Dominion.

Culture and Society:
The society and culture of the Dominion are heavily influenced by its rigid social hierarchy. At the top of the hierarchy, there is the ruling class, composed of an elite group of beings known as "divines," who possess godlike powers that allow them to bend the laws of physics and manipulate reality.

Beneath them are the "servants," intelligent beings engineered to live near servitude. they serve the divines while enjoying a lavish lifestyle but restrained from rising above their stations. Other citizens of the Dominion include "reunified" beings, who have been biologically enhanced to gain subtle powers such as telepathy or bioluminescence. Some inhabitants are known as "underlings," or the servant’s servants, who take care of more mundane tasks, such as cleaning and cooking.

While the Dominion is undoubtedly powerful, it's also prone to corruption, and there are pockets of resistance movements that work to undermine the Dominion and its oppressive regime.

Worldbuilding elements:
1. Quantum mechanics and hard physics will be central to the story. There will be some fantastical elements, but they will be grounded in scientific principles.
2. Psychedelic imagery will feature heavily in the story, with many scenes taking place in surreal dream-like landscapes
3. The Dominion's intricate political system and society will be necessary for the plot and setting.
4. There will be a blend of hard and soft science fiction elements.
5. The Dominion will utilize an array of biotechnology, from genetic engineering to advanced prosthetics.
6. The unaffiliated areas of space will be explored, revealing new alien beings, cultures, and landscapes.
7. Time travel and alternate realities will play a role in the plot.
8. Good vs. evil will not be black and white but instead exist in a morally grey area to create an engaging and thoughtful story.


1. Exploring the vastness of the universe: The film could delve into the enormity of space and the infinite possibilities that come with it.

2. The intersection of science and spirituality: It could explore how science and spirituality intersect and how they both contribute to our understanding of the universe.

3. The power of the unknown: The film could explore how our fear of the unknown can both hold us back and push us forward.

4. The infinite possibilities of quantum physics: Quantum physics can be both captivating and bewildering. The film could use this as a theme to explore the infinite possibilities that come with it.

5. Beyond human comprehension: The film could explore how there are things in this world that we may never truly understand, but how that doesn't stop us from trying.

6. The psychological implications of space travel: Delving deep into the psyche of the people who risk everything to travel into space.

7. The danger of our own discoveries: There's always a risk when exploring the unknown. The film could explore the potential pitfalls and consequences that come with making groundbreaking discoveries.

8. The evolution of humanity: The film could explore how humans will evolve and change as we discover more about the universe and our place in it.


Here's a bulleted list of characters and their traits:

1. Kaida "Kai" Arroyo: A skilled astrophysicist and engineer who is fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. Kai lost her family to a tragedy that occurred during a Dominion expedition to an unexplored planet, making her conflicted about working with them. Despite this, she joins a secret Dominion program that uses quantum mechanics to travel through time and space to prevent certain catastrophic events from occurring. Her unique feature is a prosthetic leg that she created, which allows her to move more efficiently in zero-gravity environments. Motivation: To honor her family's memory and prevent tragedies like the one that took them away from her.
2. Revan Vasari: A former slave who was forcibly implanted with Dominion technology that allows him to control other's minds. He escaped and founded a resistance against the Dominion. Revan's unique feature is his ability to "phase" through solid objects, thanks to his cybernetic enhancements. He is a complex character who does bad things for good reasons. Motivation: To overthrow the Dominion and free the galaxy from their oppressive grip.
3. Aria Kallisto: A divine who is feared and revered for her immense power and control over reality itself. However, her manipulative and megalomaniac tendencies have caused her to become a controversial figure. Aria's unique feature is her ability to create and manipulate portals with her bare hands. Motivation: To maintain absolute power and control over the Dominion, no matter the cost.
4. Jiayi "J" Kim: A reunified who works for the Dominion's top secret division, conducting experiments on biotechnology and quantum mechanics to enhance the capabilities of Dominion citizens. J's unique feature is her ability to control her own thought process, allowing her to multitask and learn at an incredibly fast rate. However, she struggles with the ethical implications of her work and starts to question the Dominion's motives. Motivation: To push the boundaries of science and make discoveries that could change the course of history.
5. Rigel Tarn: An unaffiliated being, who possesses an otherworldly beauty and grace that mesmerizes those around them. They live on a planet that exists in multiple dimensions simultaneously, making it nearly impossible to explore. Rigel's unique feature is their ability to shift between dimensions at will. Motivation: To protect their planet and their people from outside threats, while also exploring the vastness of the universe and seeking new knowledge.
6. Nyx Diaz: A servant who possesses an uncontainable rage and unpredictability that makes them feared among their peers. Nyx's unique feature is their ability to enter a state of "hyper excitation," which enhances their strength and speed to inhuman levels. They work for the Dominion but begin to question their loyalty after a chance encounter with a member of the resistance. Motivation: To find a sense of purpose and belonging in a world that has cast them as disposable.
7. Hattie Shaw: A divine who prefers to keep a low profile and avoid confrontation, making her somewhat of an enigma among her peers. Hattie's unique feature is a subtle but powerful telekinetic ability that allows her to manipulate small objects with ease. She is empathetic and kind but also struggles with handling the immense pressure of her divine abilities. Motivation: To use her power for good and bring balance to the galaxy.

Relatable Antagonist:
Tavish Strickland: A high-ranking Dominion official who is tasked with overseeing the time-travel program that Kai is a part of. He is

Magic or Tech:

Intriguing technologies or magic:
1. Quantum communicator - a device that allows instant communication across vast distances using quantum entanglement
2. Dreamscapes - technology that allows users to enter and control their dreams
3. Memory enhancement - a technology that allows memories to be retrieved and enhanced
4. Bioluminescent energy source - a biologically enhanced organism that produces light energy for advanced technology

1. Conflict 1: The Dominion seeks to control and limit the use of dreamscapes for the general population, fearing a loss of control. The resistance movement seeks to use dreamscapes to spread its message of rebellion. This conflict arises as the two sides fight for control of the dreamscapes.
Resolution: The protagonist discovers a hidden source of dreamscapes that works independently of the Dominion's network, allowing the resistance movement to use them to spread their message and organize more effectively.

2. Conflict 2: The Dominion has developed a new bioluminescent energy source that is highly efficient but requires capturing and genetically modifying sentient organisms. The protagonist discovers this and must decide whether to expose the Dominion's unethical practices or keep quiet to avoid upsetting the balance of power.
Resolution: The protagonist ultimately decides to expose the Dominion, leading to a significant setback for the Dominion's biotechnology and a shift in societal values towards ethical treatment of sentient beings.

3. Conflict 3: The protagonist discovers a plot by a rogue divine to alter the timeline, effectively rewriting history to consolidate their power. The protagonist must navigate a dangerous web of political alliances and rivalries to prevent the plot from succeeding.
Resolution: The protagonist ultimately succeeds in preventing the timeline alteration but must face the consequences of the revelation that some divines are willing to go to extreme lengths to maintain their power. The event shifts the balance of power in the Dominion and sets the stage for future conflicts.


1. The Dominion Palace: A sprawling, opulent palace filled with ornate decorations and intricate designs, the Dominion palace is home to the divines and serves as the center of the Dominion's power. The palace is a marvel of biotechnology, with its walls and corridors shifting and adapting to suit the needs and whims of its inhabitants. It is a place of danger and intrigue, with the constant threat of assassination and political machinations lurking around every corner.

2. The Quantum Fringe: An unexplored region of space on the very edge of Dominion territory, the Quantum Fringe is a place of wonder and danger. The laws of physics are distorted here, and bizarre and surreal creatures inhabit the space. The sky is filled with kaleidoscopic fractals and shimmering energy fields, making it a place of unparalleled beauty and peril.

3. The Dominion's Academy of Sciences: A sprawling research facility, the Academy of Sciences is where the Dominion's best and brightest scientists work tirelessly to unlock the secrets of the universe. The massive, cathedral-like building is filled with wondrous technology and futuristic architecture. Here, the most advanced theories of physics and mathematics are tested, and new discoveries are made every day.

4. The Unaffiliated World of Wivul: A lush, verdant world in the heart of a nebula, Wivul is home to a race of sentient fungal creatures. The world is a riot of color and shape, with glowing flowers, towering mushrooms, and sprawling vines twisting together to make a dense, impenetrable jungle. The Wivulians are known for their serene wisdom and unique perspective on the universe, making them a sought-after ally by those who seek to defy the Dominion.

5. The Quantum Realm: A mysterious and dangerous realm of space-time, the Quantum Realm is where the Dominion's scientists go to experiment with the fundamental forces of the universe. Here, the very fabric of reality can be bent and shaped, and creatures that defy logic and reason dwell. It is a place of darkness and wonder, a place where one wrong move can spell certain doom.

6. The Hallucinatory Dimension: A dimension of pure thought, the Hallucinatory Dimension is a place of infinite possibility and unbridled creativity. Here, the Dominion's most creative and talented artists go to craft mind-bending works of art and music. The dimension is a swirling vortex of colors and shapes, with no fixed form or structure, and it is said to be the source of all the Dominion's greatest works of art.

7. The Quantum Temple: A place of pilgrimage for those seeking enlightenment, the Quantum Temple is a vast, otherworldly structure that is said to be connected to the very fabric of the universe. Inside the Temple, strange forces are at work, distorting reality and helping those who enter to gain a greater understanding of the universe. It is a place of danger, however, as the forces that flow through the Temple can also drive some who enter it mad.

8. The Dominion's Armory: A massive space station filled with the Dominion's most advanced military technology, the Armory is where the Dominion's soldiers and war machines are bred and trained. The station is a fortress, bristling with laser turrets and defense drones, and it is said that no force in the universe can stand against the power of the Dominion when it mobilizes its armory.

Character Relationships:

In terms of character relationships, here are six possible pairings:

1. Kai and J: Kai and J are both scientists who work for the Dominion, but they have very different feelings about their work. Kai is conflicted about working for an organization that took her family away from her, while J is excited about making groundbreaking discoveries. Despite these differences, they form a bond over their shared passion for science and their desire to push the boundaries of what's possible.

2. Revan and Nyx: Revan and Nyx are both members of the resistance against the Dominion, but they have very different approaches to their work. Revan is strategic and politically savvy, while Nyx is impulsive and prone to violence. Despite this, they form a close bond over their shared desire for freedom and their willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

3. Aria and Tavish: Aria and Tavish both work for the Dominion, but they have very different positions of power. Aria is a divine with immense control over reality, while Tavish is a high-ranking official who oversees the time-travel program. Despite their differences, they have a complicated relationship that is rooted in their shared desire for control and their willingness to do whatever it takes to maintain their power.

4. Kai and Rigel: Kai and Rigel are both explorers who are fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, but they come from very different backgrounds. Kai is a Dominion scientist who is part of a time-travel program, while Rigel is an unaffiliated being who lives on a planet that exists in multiple dimensions. Despite these differences, they form a bond over their shared sense of curiosity and their desire to explore the unknown.

5. J and Hattie: J and Hattie are both divines who possess unique abilities that allow them to push the boundaries of what's possible, but they have very different personalities. J is ambitious and driven, while Hattie is empathetic and kind. Despite this, they form a bond over their shared sense of responsibility and their desire to use their powers for good.

6. Revan and a new minor character, Yara: Revan and Yara are both members of the resistance against the Dominion, but Yara is a newer member who is still learning the ropes. Despite this, they form a bond over their shared desire for freedom and their willingness to fight for what they believe in. However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that Yara is not fully sure if she trusts Revan's methods or motives.


Here is the complete flushed out and revised 7 scene outline:

SCENE 1: "The Dominion Tragedy" (Introduction)
- Kaida Arroyo struggles to move on from the tragic death of her family during a Dominion expedition.
- Kai and J, two enthusiastic scientists working in the Dominion's time travel program, inspire Kaida to join their team, giving her a new purpose.
- She learns that the Dominion is exploring the universe through time travel, opening up infinite possibilities.

SCENE 2: "Dreamscapes and Resistance" (Plot Advancement)
- The Dominion limits access to dreamscapes, but a resistance movement uses them to spread a message of unity and freedom.
- Kaida discovers hidden dreamscapes and works with Revan and Nyx, two rebel members, to spread them across the galaxy.
- However, Aria Kallisto, a Dominion worker with the power to control reality, discovers their actions and seeks to stop them, creating a sense of danger and urgency.

SCENE 3: "Genetic Modifications and Ethical Dilemmas" (Twist and Cliffhanger)
- The Dominion genetically modifies sentient organisms for a new bioluminescent energy source, causing Kaida to question their ethics.
- Kaida debates whether to expose the Dominion's practices, knowing it could have catastrophic consequences.
- Aria discovers Kaida's ethical conflict and uses her power to send memories of the tragedy back to Kaida, furthering her guilt and clouding her judgment. This creates a tense twist and a cliffhanger ending.

SCENE 4: "Exposing Dominion and Shifting Values" (Subplot Resolution)
- Kaida exposes the Dominion's mistreatment of sentient organisms, and societal values begin shifting towards ethical treatment.
- Nyx grapples with her disposability as a Dominion servant and chooses to join the resistance.
- Revan's strategic leadership helps to solidify the rebels' footing, while Yara, a new member, complicates it by questioning Revan's trustworthiness.

SCENE 5: "Quantum Fringe and the Chosen Ally" (Climax Danger and Cliffhanger)
- Kaida, Kai, and Rigel Tarn, a leader from the Unaffiliated World of Wivul, explore the Quantum Fringe.
- They learn that Wivul is a desired ally in their fight against the Dominion.
- However, Dominion forces arrive, and the group must flee to escape. They sacrifice Rigel to protect the Wivulians, creating a sense of danger and a cliffhanger ending.

SCENE 6: "Revelations and Sacrifice" (Climax Resolution)
- Kaida, Kai, and the rebels discover the Dominion's highest officials orchestrating a massive cover-up of DREAM, the Dominion's time travel program.
- Two powerful divines, J and Hattie Shaw, sacrifice themselves for the greater good, giving the rebels an advantage.
- Revan's leadership ends the dangerous cover-up and brings closure to Kaida's loss, effectively resolving the climax.

SCENE 7: "New Frontiers and Lasting Bonds" (Conclusion)
- Kaida, now a leader among the rebels, teams up with allies from her past and new collaborators to explore unaffiliated space.
- The once powerful Dominion official, Tavish Strickland, abandons the oppressive regime and helps the rebels.
- The group forges a new path, balancing the powers of science and spirituality, while expanding their horizons towards a brighter future, finally bringing closure to the story.


Here is the final version of scene 1


Kaida sits alone at her desk in her dimly lit room. The holographic images of her family surround her, reminding her of the painful loss she suffered. She picks up a photo of her mother, runs her fingers over it, and closes her eyes, lost in her thoughts.

Kaida takes a deep breath and opens her eyes only to have her gaze shift to a monitor playing a news report about the Dominion's latest expedition. She clenches her fists tightly, and her forehead creases in anger and frustration.

ON SCREEN: A Dominion reporter narrates, "Our time-travel experiments have been a triumph, with each attempt taking us closer to the goal of creating a time portal that will open the doors to infinite possibilities."

Kaida looks away as the reporter's voice fades into the background. She leans back in her chair, and her eyes wander around the room until she is brought back to reality by the doorbell.

Kaida hesitantly walks over to the door and opens it to reveal two young ambitious scientists, Kai and J, who excitedly talk about their work with the Dominion's time-travel program.

KAI: "Kaida, Do you know what this means? We can delve into the unknown, visit lost civilizations, and discover new realms of knowledge."

J: "And it's not limited to physical space, Kaida. We can traverse time itself, change the course of history."

Kaida listens intently, weighing the pros and cons in her head.

KAIDA: "Why do you want me to join?"

KAI: "We need someone who is smart, perceptive, and open-minded. Someone who can take on challenges and overcome obstacles."

J: "We want someone who understands the consequences and the risks involved in what we're doing and is still willing to push the boundaries."

Kaida nods, feeling a glimmer of hope, something she hasn't felt in a long time.

KAIDA: "I'll do it. I'll join your team."

Kai and J beam with joy, and Kaida can't help but smile for the first time in a long time. This moment marks the beginning of new possibilities, new adventures, and a new purpose for Kaida.


CLIFFHANGER: Suddenly, a news bulletin cuts through the silence, and Kaida's expression turns to shock. The news report shows footage of an explosion that occurred during the Dominion's latest expedition, the same one that Kaida just saw on her monitor. The newscaster announces that there were no survivors. Kaida's eyes fill with tears, and the weight of her family's loss bears down on her once more.

Here is the final version of scene 2:


The neon-lit street is bustling with people, and Kaida's eyes light up as she takes in the beauty around her. The buildings that tower above them are decorated with oversized propaganda posters from the Dominion, reminding citizens that they are always being watched. Revan leads the way, cutting through the crowd with Nyx following closely.

Kaida: "How come the Dominion hasn't found this place?"

Revan: "They have. That's why we need to be careful. If they find out, they'll shut it down."

Nyx: "But that's why we need to get our message out before they do. We have to make sure people know the truth."

The camera pans around to reveal the people around the group, all walking with purpose. Strangers in the dreamworld, they are united in their fight for a better life.

As they continue down the street, the sounds of music and laughter grow louder. Kaida sees a neon sign pointing to an underground club, and they follow it. The three rebels enter to find a lively dancefloor, where people sway to upbeat music.

Kaida: "This is amazing. What's the message?"

Revan: "That we can aspire for something greater, Kaida. That we can resist the oppressors and unite for freedom."

Nyx: "And we need all the help we can get. Are you with us?"

Kaida nods, her gaze unwavering.

Suddenly, the music stops, and everyone senses danger. As the camera zooms out on the club, Aria Kallisto materializes in front of the rebels, surrounded by Dominion soldiers. Her voice is cold and sharp.

Aria: "I must say, I'm impressed, rebels. You've managed to keep this dream alive longer than I expected. But it's time to wake up and face reality. The Dominion is the only reality that counts."

Revan steps forward, blocking Aria's path.

Revan: "Not anymore, Aria. We're done living in your reality. We're creating our own."

Aria: "I've heard enough. Take them."

The scene cuts to a closeup of the Dominion soldiers' weapons drawn, as they begin to move forward. The camera cuts back to the rebels, their faces set in determination as they prepare for battle.

Laser blasts and explosions shake the club, and Kaida finds herself in the heat of the fight. She ducks behind overturned tables as bullets whizz past her. The camera spins around her, as she reacts to each blast, firing back when she can.

Nyx is impressive in battle, her body moving like a dancer, evading the weapons of the Dominion soldiers. Her face is set in determination.

Revan is fierce and relentless, his movements sharp as he takes out each soldier one at a time. The camera cuts to him, as he dodges a laser blast and swings his sword against a Dominion soldier. The sound is deafening as their weapons clash.

As the final opponent falls, the camera cuts to Kaida's face as she takes in the destruction around her. The once lively club is now in ruins, with fires raging and debris scattered everywhere. They haven't won without casualties.

Kaida: "We have to keep going. We can't stop fighting until everyone is free."

Revan and Nyx nod in agreement, knowing that the fight for freedom is a long and treacherous road.


Here is the final version of Scene 3:


Kaida is standing outside of an enormous Agricultural Lab, gazing up at the majestic structure. The sun is shining bright, reflecting off of the brilliantly glowing bioluminescent wings of a flock of biogenetically modified birds that fly elegantly past Kaida. Behind her, a group of protesters are holding up signs, shouting and chanting against the Dominion’s genetic modifications.

Kaida surveys the scene before her, her eyes locked on the robust entrance of the lab, guarded by a phalanx of Dominion soldiers. Camera zooms in on the heavily-armed guards, their weapons at the ready, a reminder of the Dominion's power and control over the people.

Kaida begins her approach towards the cluster of protestors, intrigued by their ideology and motivations.


“What they are doing in there is unnatural. It's wrong, and it's costing lives. They’ve tampered with everything- worms, insects, animals. Who’s to say they won't start experimenting on humans next?”


“They’re playing God! Can you imagine living in a Dominion where the line between man and machine disappears?"

Kaida listens to the exchange, her mind deep in thought. She can feel the weight of responsibility mounting within her, a sense of duty to expose the Dominion's horrific genetic practices and bring them to light.

Kaida takes a step closer towards the guarded entrance of the lab, but the soldiers quickly move to block her path.


“No entry without authorized clearance.”

Kaida shows her Dominion ID, which is promptly scanned and approved. The soldiers let her pass, and she proceeds towards the lab, her curiosity piqued.

As she travels deeper into the lab, she starts to get a sense of the power and significance of the research being conducted. Vibrantly colored birds, rabbits with glowing fur, and plants that luminesce in the dark, scattered across the room. She feels as if she is treading on sacred ground.

At the heart of the facility, Kaida encounters Dr. Jenson, the lead scientist, who stands before a wall lined with glowing vials of genetic code. She quickly informs him that she's there to conduct surveillance and understand the nature of their research.

Jenson scrutinizes Kaida for a moment, raising an eyebrow at her sudden appearance.


“Very well, Agent Kaida. But before you proceed, you must wear the proper attire. May I suggest the white lab coat? It’s a symbol of our research.”

Kaida studies him, her instincts warning her of Jenson's true intentions. She acquires the lab coat and proceeds with her work.

As she looks around her at the rows of glowing plants and creatures, she begins to have second thoughts about what she's doing. She feels her mind struggling to make sense of everything, wondering if she's doing the right thing.

Kaida takes a deep breath, and sends a message to Nyx, her partner, and confidant. She's conflicted and unsure of whether to go public. Nyx, however, warns her of the potential risks, and they decide to assess the situation further.

For a split second, Kaida considers backing down, but she knows she can't let her doubts overcome her conscience.

Kaida approaches Jenson, determined to persuade him to change his mind.


“Dr. Jenson, I have seen enough. Genetic manipulation is not healthy. The Dominion’s practices are risky and have caused havoc to the ecological balance.”

Jenson listens to Kaida’s pleas but quickly dismisses them.


“I’ll admit, Agent Kaida, It’s not without its risks. But our work is essential to the Dominion’s prosperity. The bioluminescent plants and organisms we've created could potentially save billions of lives in the future."

Kaida is unsatisfied with his explanation and decides to steal classified laboratory files while escaping the facility.

As she heads to leave, she remembers a conversation that she had with J, who warned her of potential far-reaching consequences for any actions that might disrupt the status quo. Kaida struggles to decide on her next course of action.

When Kaida finally makes her decision, she knows that she risks upsetting the status quo and potentially causing chaos and upheaval.

KAIDA (determined)

“I have to do this, I can't just stand and watch. I’m going to release this information.”

The camera zooms out as Kaida exits the lab, she is resolute and knows that she has a responsibility to make the right decision, even if it comes with consequences that are hard to bear.


Here is the final version of Scene 4:


Kaida exits the laboratory, determined to do what is right. She glances over at the protestors, feeling a sense of camaraderie with them. The protestors approach her.


“Did you uncover anything? Will you help us?”

Kaida nods, “Yes, I did. And I will make sure that the Dominion is held accountable for their actions.”


“We are with you. Let us know how we can help.”

The protesters fist bump Kaida in solidarity as she turns and heads towards the nearest Dominion outpost.

The camera follows Kaida's determined walk as she becomes more and more focused.


Kaida enters the outpost and is greeted by two guards, their rifles ready to fire. The guards stop her for identification.


“State your business.”

Kaida shows her ID and announces that she has information that needs to get into the Dominion's top officials' hands.


“Follow me.”

The soldiers escort Kaida to an office with two Dominion officials. The guards exit the room.

Kaida notices the Dominion officials staring right through her, judging her. She holds her ground, unflinching.


“What is it that you have for us?”

Kaida pulls out the classified file she stole from the laboratory and hands it over to the officials.


“This file shows the unethical practices of the Dominion's genetic modification experiments. The Dominion's actions have caused harm to sentient organisms, leading to severe ecological imbalances across the galaxy.”


“Is this true? We must investigate this matter right away. Dominion does not stand for unethical behavior.”


“Agent Kaida, do you understand the consequences of what you have done? Your rogue actions could lead to your termination.”

Kaida stands firm, unflinching.


“My actions may have consequences, but they pale in comparison to the Dominion's. The harm and destruction they have caused are unpardonable.”

As she leaves the office, she sends a message to Nyx, letting her know about what she has done.


“Nyx, I did it. The Dominion officials have the files now. It’s only a matter of time before they take action against the genetic modifications."


“Excellent news, Kaida. The rebellion will be pleased. But be careful, with every action, there are consequences.”

Kaida nods in acknowledgment, knowing that her actions may bring unwanted attention to her and the rebellion. She walks with her head held high, proud of the difference she has made.


Final Version of Scene 5:


The Quantum Fringe is a series of inter-dimensional portals connecting different realms and it is a dangerous place to navigate. Kaida, Kai, and Rigel Tarn, a leader from the Unaffiliated World of Wivul, pilot through it. The lights flicker, and they brace themselves.


“The Dominion has been growing too powerful. They need to be stopped. Will Wivul provide us backup?”


“As I said before, we are hesitant. We cannot risk everything unless we have a concrete reason to put ourselves in danger.”

Suddenly, a group of Dominion fighters approach, surrounding the ship and blocking their way.


“I have a bad feeling about this.”


“Identify yourself and your business aboard this ship.”

Kaida’s expression changes from calm to seriousness, realizing that the situation has become potentially lethal.


“We are on a research mission. Can we help you with something?”


“We have intelligence reports linking you to the rebellion, confirm your identity.”


“Your claims are absurd, we’re not aligned with anyone that goes against the Dominion.”


“We will conduct a thorough search of your vessel.”

Kaida's heart races, realizing that their cover may be blown.


“You will surrender your vessel immediately.”

Rigel Tarn looks at Kaida, his eyes conveying a message of understanding.


“Before you do anything rash, think it through; waging war against the Dominion is a daring move that would require our full support.


“We have a duty to stop them.”

Tarn stands up in front of their crew and faces Dominion forces. Suddenly, an explosion rocks the ship, causing everyone to lose their balance.



As they get up, they witness Tarn sacrificing himself to take out the Dominion ships.


“I’ll take over the controls!”

Kaida and Rigel exchange a glance, understanding they need to put up a fight to survive.


“Fire everything.”

Through grit and bravery, they fend off the Dominion for the moment. But they know that they have to find a new ally in Wivul to continue their fight.


“We need to reach Wivul immediately.”

Kai nods and sets the course for Wivul. Kaida looks back at Tarn's selflessness and feels a renewed sense of determination for their cause.


“Tarn's death will never be forgotten. We’ll make sure of it.”

As they move through space towards their new ally, Kaida sends a message to Nyx, revealing the heroic sacrifice that Tarn made.


“Nyx, we lost Rigel Tarn, but we’ll always remember his courage. We are headed to Wivul to seek their aid. Keep the Rebellion going.”


“We’re leading the charge Kaida, stay strong.”

The ship moves farther into the galaxy, ready for the fight that awaits them.


Final version of Scene 6:


The Quantum Fringe, a ship owned by Kaida, is under the attack of Dominion fighters. Red and blue beams of plasma fly through the hull of the ship, making sparks fly everywhere. Kaida, Rigel Tarn and Kai are trying to dodge the attacks while fixing the damages.

The camera moves in to show the Dominion soldiers riding their own ships right on the Quantum Fringe's tail. They're barking through the loudspeaker.


"Surrender your vessel immediately!"


(gasping, yelling)

"There is no need for that. We're just on a mission of scientific research!"

The Dominion ship moves closer and we see the soldiers' faces through the window screen. They appear to be wearing red and purple armor that glows in the dark.


"We suspect that you are rebels attempting to overthrow the Dominion."

Rigel steps forward, his expression revealing defiance and determination.



"You have no authority to stop us here. We're just passing through."


"We have intelligence reports confirming that you are affiliated with the Rebellion."

Suddenly, an explosion rips through the Quantum Fringe, making everything shake. The camera moves to Rigel's face. He looks at Kaida and smiles reassuringly.


"I've got enough to take out their ships. I'll do it."



"Rigel, no!"


(confidently, dying breath)

"Don't worry. I've been waiting for this moment all my life."

Close-up of Rigel's hand pushing the detonator before his eyes go lifeless.

As an aside, we see a cruel grin on a Dominion soldier's face.


Explosions ripple through the Dominion ships as they blow up in a blinding flash of light. The crew of the Quantum Fringe watches in horror as Rigel's sacrifice takes down the enemies. Falling debris throws everyone across the room.

Kaida, her eyes wet with tears, watches the fireball of destruction in front of her, realizing what she needs to do.


(whispering, tears streaming down her face)


Kai moves quickly to take over the controls, his eyes intense.



"We've got to get out of here! Hang on!"

With his quick actions, the camera zooms out. The Quantum Fringe swerves away from the destruction, and manages to evade the destruction caused by the massive blast.


(veiled anger)

"We need to reach Wivul immediately. We need their help in this fight."

Kai nods in agreement and takes his place at the controls. He enters the coordinates and the ship shoots off into the galaxy at breakneck speed.

Kaida takes one last look at Rigel's grave expression, understanding what is at stake.



"His sacrifice won't be in vain. We'll put a stop to the Dominion."

The Monsterra appears, one of Wivul's shipyards in the distance. Kaida fires off a message to her contact on the planet.


(sending message)

"Nyx, we need Wivul's support. They're our only chance. Rigel Tarn sacrificed himself for us. We can't let his sacrifice be in vain."

A message from Nyx pops up on Kaida's viewscreen.


(via transmission)

"Understood. We'll prepare for your arrival. Be careful and stay strong."

The ship hurtles towards Wivul, ready for whatever dangers lie ahead.


Here is the final version of scene 7:


The Quantum Fringe hurtles towards The Monsterra, Wivul's shipyard, with stunning speed. Kaida navigates through the busy traffic zigzagging past workers and ships that swarm through the floating facility. The ship slows down as it gets closer to the immense space station.


Kaida, Kai, and Nyx huddle together, watching the swirling colors from the surrounding anomalies on a viewscreen. Tavish Strickland marches into the cockpit of the ship, his Dominion uniform swapped with undershirt, torn pants, and rugged boots. He looks uneasy and worried.



"Sorry, just caught the news. The Dominion invaded a few unaffiliated planets on the way to Wivul. It's only a matter of time before they send reinforcements."


(getting off her chair)

"The Dominion has already done enough. They won't be able to stop us."

Kaida moves to the back of the ship where Rigel's coffin is laid, a brown wooden box with glowing inscriptions etched all over its surface. She hesitates for a moment before putting her hand on top of the coffin.



"We made it this far, Rigel. We fought with all we had. You'd be so proud."

Kai enters the hallway and notices Kaida's gesture. He approaches her and puts his hand on her shoulder.


(looking up)

"We didn't make it out unscathed, but we have allies, memories, and knowledge that we need to keep alive."



"I know... And Wivul is a piece of the puzzle."

Kaida clenches her fists, remembering all the hardships, losses, and sacrifices that have brought them to this point. She takes a deep breath and lifts up her head.



"They killed my family. They took our memories. They took people that we loved and cared for. They took lives, opportunities, and futures. We will stop them here."

Kai looks at Kaida with admiration, inspired by her strength and determination.



"Wivul is an unaffiliated world. They don't have a stake in the Dominion's fight. We're going to need a diplomatic approach."

Tavish rests against the doorway, listening intently to the conversation as he scratches his beard.



"You're going to need a go-between. Someone to introduce you to Wivul's leadership."

Kaida arches her eyebrow, wondering if there's something else.



"And why do we need you?"



"Because I'm from Wivul."

Kai and Kaida gasp, surprised by the revelation of Tavish's true identity.



"What? Why didn't you tell us?"



"I had to make sure I can trust you. You're rebels. You have access to confidential information, and you're dangerous to my people."

Kaida's gaze remains fixed on Tavish, her fingers fidgeting on her leather outfit.


(calming down)

"So, how can you help us?"



"I can make an introduction. But I need to make sure my people are safe. If Wivul gets aligned with you, the Dominion will stop at nothing to get to them."



"I promise you that we won't harm Wivul, and we'll do everything in our power to protect your people."



"Then we have a deal. But you have to understand, I'm taking a huge risk approaching them with you."

Kaida nods, signaling her acknowledgment of his concern.



The Quantum Fringe ship materializes in front of the enormous gate of The Monsterra. The ship looks like a speck compared to the gigantic space station that seems to stretch forever. The view pans out to reveal crowds of ships, docked and moving through the station.


"Ok, I'm going to hail them now. Stay quiet, and let me do the talking."

Kai and Kaida nod in agreement. All eyes are fixed on the speakers.


(zooming in on a speaker)

"Halt your engines and identify yourself."

Tavish steps forward as a red light scans his face and then moves on to identify the rest of the crew.


(clearing his throat)

"I'm Tavish Strickland, and I'm here to introduce visitors that might interest you."

The speaker on the gate goes silent for a moment, and Kai and Kaida exchange glances.



"State your business."



"We have information that can help you fight the Dominion."

The giant steps aside, and a round opening appears in the side of the shipyard. The Quantum Fringe slides through the aperture, and the scene fades to black.