A zombie outbreak starts in Vancouver after a meteor strike nearby. use hyper local real world locations - Your Published Scriptmaker Team Output



In this worldbuilding document, we will be exploring the key aspects of a community in Vancouver that has been hit by a zombie outbreak. The outbreak was caused by a meteor strike that occurred in the nearby mountains leading to a plague that has affected most of the city. We will be exploring the setting, culture and society of Vancouver as the community tries to deal with the aftermath of this outbreak.


1. The city of Vancouver: A coastal city located in British Columbia, Canada. Known for its beautiful scenery, vibrant culture, and bustling city life, in this world the city has now become a deserted wasteland as most of the population has been wiped out by the zombie outbreak.

2. Downtown Vancouver: A central location within the city of Vancouver, which includes various landmarks such as Stanley Park, Gastown, and Robson Street. This area has been completely overtaken by zombies, leaving no space for safety or shelter.

3. The North Shore Mountains: The site where the meteor landed and the outbreak began. These mountains have now become a quarantine zone, where the military is actively trying to control the spread of the virus.


1. Multiculturalism: Vancouver is known for being a very diverse city with a multitude of cultures and ethnicities living together in harmony. However, in this world, this diversity has led to the spread of the outbreak as people from all over the world have either fled the city or unknowingly brought the virus with them.

2. Environmentalism: Vancouver is known for an eco-friendly lifestyle and has been a leader in environmental policies. This still remains as a key aspect of life, but now the focus is trying to find a way to deal with the waste and damage caused by the zombie outbreak.

3. Work-life balance: Vancouver is known for its laid-back lifestyle and work-life balance. However, in this world, this lifestyle has been disrupted as people are now struggling to survive and rebuild their lives.


1. Infrastructure: Vancouver has a well-developed transportation system, which includes buses, trains, and ferries. However, in this world this infrastructure has now come to a halt as these systems are now overrun with zombies.

2. Government: The Canadian government has been actively trying to control the outbreak, but the situation is worsening every day. The government is working to contain the virus, while also providing aid and resources for those who are still alive.

3. Military: The outbreak has led to the involvement of the military in Vancouver. They have set up quarantine zones and are working to eradicate the virus, while also providing aid and resources to those who need it.

In conclusion, Vancouver has a rich cultural and societal background, but the zombie outbreak has completely disrupted the community. The North Shore Mountains have become a quarantine zone, leaving downtown Vancouver and other areas of the city overrun by zombies. The Canadian government and military are working to contain the situation while trying to provide aid and resources to those who are still alive. The diverse culture of Vancouver has led to the spread of the outbreak, but the community is now working together to rebuild their lives and recover from the devastation.


1. Survival in the Big City: Following the outbreak, the biggest challenge for the survivors is how to navigate through the Vancouver metropolis while avoiding the infected.

2. The Hospital Under Siege: One of the first locations hit during the outbreak is the Vancouver General Hospital. Will the doctors, nurses, and patients be able to hold out against the zombie horde?

3. The Challenge of Sustainable Living: With the infrastructure in shambles, survivors must find a way to create a sustainable living situation. This includes finding food, water, and shelter in an unaccommodating landscape.

4. The Fight Against Time: As more and more people succumb to the virus, the survivors are in a race against time to find a cure or a way to prevent it from spreading even further.

5. Vancouver's Scenic Hideaways: To avoid the chaos in the city center, some survivors retreat to the mountains and lush forests surrounding Vancouver. But the crowded and well-connected city can't be ignored forever, and supplies are scarce.

6. The Band of Survivors: In a world where trust is hard to come by, a small group of survivors band together and support one another through their experiences.

7. Vancouver's Famous Landmarks: With the virus spreading fast, the city's most famous landmarks are overtaken by the infected. Can anyone save the lifeblood of the city while avoiding the undead?

8. Mysterious Origins: Rumors swirl about the nature of the virus and its origins. But in the end, there are more pressing issues to address. Can Vancouver survive, or will it fall to the zombie hordes?


and incorporate unique and diverse characters to make the story relatable and inclusive.

1. Dr. Naomi Chen: A brilliant virologist who is tasked with finding a cure for the virus. Her Chinese heritage and dedication to her work make her a central figure in the survivor community.

2. Miguel Rodriguez: A former gang member who has turned his life around since the outbreak. He uses his experience and connections to help the survivors navigate the dangerous city.

3. Tanya Patel: A young Indian woman who is struggling to care for her younger brother while avoiding the infected. Her tenacity and resourcefulness inspire hope in those around her.

4. Captain Jameson: The leader of the Canadian military forces in Vancouver. He is a no-nonsense leader who is determined to maintain order and save as many lives as possible.

5. Jane Kim: A Korean-Canadian journalist who is on the front lines of reporting on the zombie outbreak. Her bravery and dedication to the truth make her a valuable asset to the survivor community.

6. Marcus Wallace: A wealthy businessman who was stranded in Vancouver during the outbreak. His privilege and entitlement make him a target of resentment among some survivors.

7. Hannah Johnson: A lesbian firefighter who becomes a leader in the survivor community. Her strength, courage, and willingness to put her life on the line for others make her a beloved figure.


8. Louis Cheung: A former government scientist who was involved in the development of the virus. He managed to escape the quarantine zone and is now working to complete his research, with little regard for the lives of those around him. His selfishness and disregard for human life make him a formidable foe for the survivors.

Magic or Tech:

1. Finding Refuge at the University of British Columbia: With the downtown core overrun with zombies, survivors flock to the UBC campus to seek shelter and protection. But with limited resources and a growing number of infected, tensions rise and conflicts emerge.

2. Fighting for Survival at Stanley Park: As one of the city's most treasured parks, Stanley Park becomes a battleground for survival as the infected take over. The survivors must navigate through the park's winding trails and waterways to avoid detection and secure resources.

3. Stranded at Vancouver International Airport: With transportation systems shut down and nowhere else to go, some survivors take refuge at the Vancouver International Airport. But as resources deplete and tensions rise, conflicts break out among the desperate group.

4. Scavenging at Granville Island: Known for its bustling market and artisanal culture, Granville Island becomes a prime location for scavenging for resources. But as clashes break out between survivors over the limited supplies, it becomes clear that securing resources comes at a high cost.

5. Seeking Medical Aid at St. Paul's Hospital: Despite being one of the first locations to be hit by the outbreak, St. Paul's Hospital remains a hub for medical care. But with the growing number of infected and limited resources, doctors and nurses must make tough decisions to save lives.

6. Fighting for Control at the Port of Vancouver: As the city's primary hub for shipping and transportation, the Port of Vancouver becomes a battleground as rival survivor groups fight for control over the limited resources available.

7. Making a Stand at the Lions Gate Bridge: With the North Shore Mountains deemed a quarantine zone, the Lions Gate Bridge becomes the only way in or out of Vancouver. Survivors must fight to hold onto this critical passageway as the infected relentlessly swarm towards the city center.

8. Surviving in the Downtown Eastside: Known for its high poverty rates and homelessness, the Downtown Eastside becomes a hotbed for the outbreak. Survivors must navigate through this dangerous neighborhood, avoiding the infected and ruthless gangs who have seized control.

In the end, the survivors must find a way to band together and overcome the challenges posed by the outbreak if they hope to rebuild their shattered community and survive in a world overrun by zombies.


to create immersion and authenticity.

1. Granville Island: A popular spot for tourists and locals alike, Granville Island is now overrun with the undead. The once-bustling marketplace is now a place of terror and survival.

2. Kitsilano Beach: The scenic Kitsilano beach is now home to makeshift settlements of survivors, struggling to stay alive in a world filled with zombies. The beautiful views now serve as a stark contrast to the brutal reality of the outbreak.

3. Robson Square: The central location of Robson Square was once a hub for Vancouver's events and culture. Now, it's a battleground for the survivors as they try to scavenge supplies and avoid the zombie hordes.

4. Pacific Centre: The downtown shopping mall, Pacific Centre, was once a place of luxury and convenience. Now, it's a trap for the survivors, as the undead lurk at every corner, waiting to catch their next prey.

5. Lions Gate Bridge: The iconic bridge connecting downtown Vancouver to the North Shore mountains is now a path of danger and uncertainty. Without proper security, crossing the bridge could lead to the survivors' demise.

6. Stanley Park: The once-beautiful and serene Stanley Park is now a grim reminder of the outbreak. The towering trees and lush greenery now serve as hiding spots for the undead, making it a dangerous place even in daylight.

7. Hastings Street: The infamous Hastings Street was once known for its vibrant culture and nightlife. Now, it's a post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with rubble, debris, and the undead.

8. Science World: The iconic Science World dome was once a beacon of science and education. Now, it's a haven for the survivors who have barricaded themselves inside, hoping to find a way to stop the outbreak and survive.

Character Relationships:

to create a sense of realism and relatability. Describe the reaction of the community to the outbreak and how they try to survive.

The zombie outbreak in Vancouver started in the North Shore Mountains, spreading rapidly throughout the city. The first major site to be overrun by zombies was Stanley Park, a popular tourist destination. Panic ensued as people tried to flee the city, causing traffic jams on the Lions Gate Bridge and other major routes.

Downtown Vancouver was quickly overtaken by the infected, leaving few safe havens for survivors. The Vancouver General Hospital was one of the first locations to be hit, with doctors, nurses, and patients fighting for their lives against the zombie horde. The hospital was eventually abandoned, with many of the infected still inside.

Survivors quickly realized that they needed to band together if they wanted any chance of survival. Small groups formed in the mountains and forests surrounding Vancouver, but the lack of resources made sustainability a significant challenge.

The Canadian government and military quickly became involved in the situation, setting up quarantine zones and trying to contain the outbreak. However, friction between the survivors and the military made cooperation difficult.

As the virus continued to spread, rumors started to circulate about its origins. Some believed it was a bioweapon developed by the government, while others thought it was a result of the meteor strike. But in the end, finding a cure became the top priority.

Despite the chaos and destruction, the survivors of Vancouver showed remarkable resilience and resourcefulness. A band of survivors formed, united in their fight against the undead. They worked together to scavenge for supplies, find shelter, and avoid the infected.

The fight against the zombie outbreak in Vancouver was long and grueling, but eventually a cure was found, and the infected were eradicated. The survivors slowly began to rebuild their lives, their resilience serving as an inspiration to others in similar situations around the world.


Here is the revised and detailed 7 scene outline:

Scene 1: Surviving the Streets
- Naomi Chen, a scientist, leads a group of survivors through the deserted streets of downtown Vancouver
- They face a horde of zombies and fight for their lives with Miguel Rodriguez, Jane Kim, and Captain Jameson joining the group
- They make their way to Granville Island, a once-bustling marketplace that is now overrun with the undead

Scene 2: Hospital Horror
- Seeking shelter, the survivors enter Vancouver General Hospital, but it's overrun by the infected
- Tanya Patel's resourcefulness helps them navigate the dangerous hospital corridors
- They discover valuable medical supplies, but also encounter a mysterious scientist, Louis Cheung, who reveals he's been working on a cure

Scene 3: Scavenging the City
- The group splits into smaller groups to search for sustainable food, water, and shelter
- They face challenges, including limited resources and hidden zombies in various locations such as Robson Square, Pacific Centre, and Hastings Street
- Hannah Johnson emerges as a leader in her small group

Scene 4: Race Against Time
- Naomi and Louis work together to find a cure for the virus
- The survivors encounter a group of fellow survivors who refuse to join forces
- Tensions rise as the clock ticks and the infected swarm in

Scene 5: Retreat to the Mountains
- The survivors retreat to the North Shore Mountains, but to their horror, they find that the virus has spread there too
- They must navigate treacherous terrain and dangerous wildlife, including a pack of wolves
- Marcus Wallace's selfishness causes conflict among the group, and they struggle to survive another day.

Scene 6: Banding Together
- The survivors form small, supportive communities in the mountains after splitting up by location
- Each group faces unique challenges as they work to rebuild their lives, including establishing sustainable food sources and shelter
- Naomi's scientific breakthrough with the help of Tanya and Hannah helps bring hope for a cure

Scene 7: The Final Battle
- The infected have finally found the survivors in their mountain communities, forcing them to band together in one last fight
- Vancouver landmarks such as Kitsilano Beach and Stanley Park become overrun with zombies
- The survivors face heartbreaking losses and must work together to prevent future outbreaks and save their city

Scene 8: Rebuilding Community
- The survivors work together to clean up and rebuild their city
- Naomi, Tanya, and Hannah emerge as leaders in the new, post-apocalyptic Vancouver
- The story ends with a message of strength, resilience, and hope for the future as Science World, the iconic dome, becomes the new scientific center to prevent another outbreak.


Here is the final version of Scene 1: Surviving the Streets



The deserted streets of downtown Vancouver are quiet, except for the sound of the wind. The camera pans to a group of survivors, led by Dr. Naomi Chen. Her eyes are alert and her lips are pressed tightly together, a frown creasing her forehead. She peeks over her shoulder, signaling to the group to move forward.

Keep your eyes peeled, we don't know what's lurking here.

The camera pans over to MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ, a confident-looking young man, carrying a baseball bat on his shoulder. A large backpack bulges at his side. JANE KIM, a gutsy reporter, holds a camera, ready to capture the group's movements. The group moves forward in silence, tension building up.

Suddenly, a group of zombies appears from the shadows, sensing the presence of the survivors. The camera shows the intense looks of the survivors as they prepare for the worst.

Get ready!

Miguel swings his baseball bat with brute force, its sharp thwack isolating itself from the zombies’ moans. Naomi raises her rifle, a bead of sweat trickling down her forehead, staring intently through the viewfinder of her rifle sights to take out her first zombie target. Jane clicks her camera, framing the perfect shot while Captain Jameson, unflappable and calm, is vigilant, ensuring the safety of the group.

The group defeats the zombies one by one, but they know that the battle is nowhere near over. The camera shows the sense of loss and rage in their eyes even as they move forward, hesitant, but resolute.

As they move through the city, more zombies emerge from the shadows, prompting a series of adrenaline-pumping battles. Miguel charges forward with a whoop and slams his bat forcefully into the horde of zombies, striking a satisfying thwack with every hit. Naomi manages her ammo carefully, taking careful headshots and using her ingenuity to stay alive. Meanwhile, Captain Jameson provides instructions and cover, ensuring that the group remains safe come what may.

Finally, the survivors reach the entrance of Granville Island. As they catch their breath for a moment, their senses are assailed by the growls and hisses of the undead. From a distance, they look at each other with grim determination.

(to the group)
We're not fighting to die—we are fighting to survive.

The camera zooms out and shows more of the Island, a once-bustling market where neon lights and happy people inhabiting an atmosphere of togetherness. It is now a place of horror, completely overrun with the undead.


Here is the final version of Scene 2:



The survivors move towards the hospital entrance. Tanya Patel takes the lead, holding a map of the hospital in her hand. She peers over her sunglasses, her sharp gaze scanning the surroundings. Naomi Chen, a doctor, and Miguel Rodriguez, a former Special Forces member, follow closely behind.

(to the group)
Stick together, we don't know what we're walking into.

The doors creak open, revealing a dark, ominous interior. The group cautiously moves inside, their footsteps echoing in the empty hallways.

They hear moaning and shuffling from the end of the corridor and quickly hide behind the reception desk.

This place gives me the creeps.

(whispers back)
The infected are attracted to sound. We need to be quiet.

Naomi takes some time to examine the map, trying to figure out where they should go next.

(pointing to the map)
The medical supplies room is on the second floor. Let's get there.

Suddenly, the sound of shuffling footsteps fills the air. The group stops dead in their tracks, weapons at the ready. A group of zombies appears from around the corner, their eyes vacant, their teeth gnashing hungrily. The survivors leap into action.

The group fights their way through the horde, firing weapons and dodging incoming attacks. Tanya takes charge of the fight, expertly maneuvering through the infected and clearing a path for the others.

As the survivors make their way through the hospital, Tanya uses her resourcefulness to get them out of sticky situations. She leads them through hidden corridors and service elevators, utilizing her knowledge of the hospital's layout to evade the infected.

Finally, they reach what appears to be a medical supplies room. Naomi quickly checks the contents of the room and finds a variety of useful medical supplies, including vaccine samples. Suddenly, the door opens, revealing a tall, lanky figure.

Hello, survivors. I've been waiting for you.

The group stares at Louis, confusion written all over their faces.

Who are you? What do you want?

My name is Louis Cheung. Nice to finally meet the brave ones who have survived the outbreak. I've been working on a cure. And I need your help to test it out.

The survivors look at each other, torn between skepticism and hope.

We're interested. Tell us more.

Louis picks up a vial of vaccine and holds it up to the light.

This is the only hope we have. Trust me when I say that I have been working on this for a long time.

Naomi looks at Tanya, who nods in agreement.

We'll help you. But on one condition - you tell us everything.

Louis nods, a satisfied smile on his face.

I'll tell you everything you need to know.

The camera pans out, showing the group gathered around Louis in the medical supplies room, listening intently as he explains the origins of the virus and the science behind the vaccine.


Here is the final version of scene 3



The survivors walk on the deserted streets of Vancouver, splitting into smaller groups to scavenge for food, water, and shelter. Tanya leads one group, consisting of Jane Kim, Hannah, and Marcus. They walk in silence, their eyes scanning the surroundings as they search for anything useful.

Tanya stops in her tracks and turns to the group.

(to the group)
Head towards Robson Square. We might find some resources there.

The group nods and begins to make their way towards Robson Square. As they walk, they hear moans and groans coming from an alleyway. Hannah takes the lead, silently motioning for the others to follow her.

Be quiet. There might be zombies around.

The group cautiously moves through the alleyway, their eyes scanning the surroundings. Suddenly, a zombie charges towards them, arms outstretched. Hannah quickly takes it down with her fire axe.

You're a natural at this.

I used to be a firefighter. It comes with the job.

They continue to move through the city, facing challenges such as limited resources and hidden zombies. At Robson Square, they find a small stash of food and water, which they divvy up among themselves.

Tanya stops and checks her backpack.

We need to find more food. We can't survive on just this.

Hannah senses the desperation in Tanya's voice and takes the lead.

(Looking at Tanya)
We will find what we need, Tanya. We just can't give up.

The group nods in agreement, and they set off towards the Pacific Centre, determined to find more resources. As they walk through the deserted streets, they encounter more zombies and have to fight their way through them. Marcus struggles with a zombie and is almost bitten, but Hannah quickly comes to his rescue, taking the zombie down with her axe.

(to the group)
We need to be more careful. They're getting stronger.

The group reaches Pacific Centre, and they start scavenging for supplies. As they search, they hear a loud crash.

What was that?

They hear more noises and shoutings. They decide to investigate and they move towards the noise. Inside, they see a group of people who look like looters robbing shops and violently attacking people.

(to the group)
We have to help them!

The looters are outnumbered, and it seems like a lost cause. But Hannah refuses to stand by and watch. She leads the charge and takes down one of the looters, giving the rest of the group an opening to intervene.

They quickly join the fray, fighting through the chaos to save the survivors. Hannah leads the charge, taking down the looters and freeing the survivors.

After the scuffle, the group walks across the devastated city, carrying the scavenged goods with them. They find themselves in front of Science World Dome, a giant geodesic dome building that serves as a venue for science exhibits and events.

(to the group)
This will be our new shelter.

Tanya and Jane nod in agreement, relieved to have a safe place to stay for the night. Marcus gives Hannah a grateful nod, and she smiles back at him.

Dissolve to the next day, the group is seen working together, using the survival skills Hannah taught them. Hannah works on ensuring the dome is secure and Tanya is preparing food, while Jane and Marcus are busy repairing their possessions.

Hannah emerges as a leader, inspiring hope and unity among the survivors.

(to the group)
We can't give up. We have to keep fighting. For Vancouver.

The survivors nod in agreement, fortified by Hannah's strength and determination.


Here is the final version of scene 4



Naomi and Louis work side by side in the lab, deep in concentration as they analyze samples and run tests in search of a cure for the virus. Naomi's eyes scan the microscope, her lips pursed in frustration.

This isn't working. We need a breakthrough.

Louis leans in and places a hand on her shoulder.

We'll find it, Naomi. We just need to keep looking.

Naomi takes a deep breath and nods. They continue examining samples for what feels like hours, but suddenly, Naomi jumps up, her eyes sparkling with hope.

Louis, I think we've done it! We've found the cure!

Louis meets her gaze, his expression elated. They embrace in a hug of mutual relief and excitement.

We couldn't have done it without you.

We did it together.

Their celebratory moment is cut short as they hear screams from outside. They rush to the window and see a horde of infected approaching the building.

We need to get this cure out of here before it's too late.

Louis nods, and they quickly gather their supplies and head out the door.


As they step out into the fresh air, they see a small group of survivors being chased by a swarm of infected. Naomi and Louis sprint towards them to offer aid. They join forces with the survivors and fight back against the infected together, with Naomi and Louis administering the cure to the injured.

One of the survivors, a grizzled older man, steps forward, holding a makeshift weapon.

Who are you two? Why should we trust you?

Naomi steps forward, holding out the vial of the cure.

We've found the cure. We can save lives.

The group reluctantly agrees to join forces with them, but tensions remain high as they continue to flee from the infected.

As they make their way through the city, they encounter more survivors, some wary of joining forces.

We've been on our own for this long. We don't need you two to survive.

Naomi and Louis exchange a meaningful look, understanding the need to be cautious in these unstable times.

Finally, they reach their destination: a military stronghold where they hope to produce more of the cure and distribute it to the survivors.

As they enter the building, they are met with a tense and chaotic atmosphere. Military personnel are frantically working to contain the outbreak, struggling to keep the infected from overrunning the city.

We need that cure now. Lives are at stake.

Naomi and Louis step forward, ready to administer the cure and save lives. But they realize that the clock is ticking and time is running out.

We'll do everything we can. But we need your help to get this cure out to the people who need it.

The group nods, united in their mission to save lives and rebuild their community. They work together frantically, racing against time as the infected swarm ever closer, to produce and distribute the cure to those in need.

The camera follows them as they mix compounds, distill liquids and package them. We see Louis leading a team, Naomi injecting those sick with the virus, and the other survivors organizing the bottled cure.

Soon, a convoy of trucks head out to bring the life-saving cure to the citizens in the city. We see Naomi standing beside Louis, her heart racing with excitement and anxiety.

We did it, Naomi. We found the cure.

But at what cost, Louis? So many are gone.

But many more will live because of us.

They share another meaningful look, knowing the gravity of their accomplishment.


The survivors have found the cure, but the journey to administer and distribute it is far from over. They must band together and race against time to save as many lives as possible. The fate of Vancouver rests on their shoulders.

Here is the final version of scene 5:


The remaining survivors trek through the North Shore Mountains, searching for a safe haven. They stop to catch their breath, and Alice leans against a tree, trying to catch her breath.

We need to find some shelter. I can't keep going like this.

We'll have to keep moving. We're not safe out here.

As they continue their journey, they hear howling in the distance.

Keep your eyes peeled. Wolves are known to hunt in these parts.

Great. Because we didn't have enough to worry about.

Suddenly, a pack of wolves emerges from the trees, surrounding the group.

This is all your fault, Dave. If we'd stayed put, we wouldn't be in this mess.

It's not my fault we have a zombie apocalypse!

(trying to calm them down)
Guys, this isn't helping. We need to work together to survive.

The wolves circle closer, baring their teeth and growling.

(to Dave)
We're not going to make it out of here, are we?

We will if we stick together.

Alice spots a nearby cave and points it out to the group.

Look, we can take shelter in there.

Good idea. Let's move.

The group makes a run for the cave, with the wolves nipping at their heels. They manage to climb into the cave, but the wolves linger outside, snarling and scratching at the entrance.

We should be safe in here for now.

We're not out of the woods yet. Literally.

Why did this have to happen? What did any of us do to deserve this?

It doesn't matter what we've done. What matters is that we keep fighting to survive.

As the group settles in for the night, they hear distant growling, signaling that the wolves are still nearby. They huddle together, trying to keep warm and remain hopeful that they'll make it through the night.


Here is the final version of scene 6


The survivors have formed small communities in the mountains, supporting one another in their newfound solitude. Naomi's group has set up camp near a stream, constructing makeshift shelters out of branches and leaves. Naomi, Tanya, and Hannah are sitting together near the makeshift shelter, discussing their daily objective.

(addressing the group)
"We need to find a way to stay sustainable. We can't keep scavenging for food forever, and winter is approaching."

"Right. We need to find a place to grow crops and start harvesting vegetables."

"But how are we supposed to do that without seeds, tools or a guide on how to harvest crops?"

"I've been doing some research and found out that there are wild fruits and vegetables we can gather in the area. Also, I had an idea on how to start a garden just by using rocks to create a greenhouse effect. I just need help with gathering resources to create it."

The group works together and finds stones, branches, and mud to create a greenhouse-like area, gathering water from the stream, and using soil on the ground.

MEANWHILE, Miguel's group has set up camp near a cluster of trees, constructing a wooden fort for protection. They hear rumbles and noises coming from a distance.

(to the group)
"We need to keep moving. We can't stay in one place for too long."

"But we just got settled. We need stability if we're going to survive."

"We're still vulnerable to zombie attacks and other groups of survivors. We need to keep moving."

The group packs up their fort and starts moving but encountered an obstacle. They come across a rushing river, with no way to cross.

"We need to find a way across. There might be a fallen tree or something."

(scanning the area)
"I see something over there!"

The group rushes over to find a fallen tree, half-submerged in the water. They carefully make their way across, dodging the rushing current.

"That was close."

"We make a pretty good team."

As the day wears on, the different groups hear stories from everyone and share resources. Naomi tells the others about a breakthrough in her research for a cure.

"I think I've found it! The missing piece to the puzzle! We could potentially cure this!"

"That's incredible. What do we need to do?"

"We need to gather specific ingredients and start testing. It's a long shot, but it's worth a try. We can try finding the resources we need tomorrow."

"We're with you, Naomi."

As the day ends, the survivors gather around a campfire and enjoy some freshly caught fish provided by Naomi's group. Naomi shares her discoveries and stories with everyone else, and the mood stays relatively light despite the reality of their situation.


Here is the final version of scene 7:



PAN SHOT shows the survivors, armed with weapons and looking determined, as they make their way towards their destination. Suddenly, loud moans coming from a nearby trail startle them. The survivors look up to see a group of infected, making their way towards them.

(addressing the group)
"This is it, everyone. We need to fight for our survival."

"We've been training for this moment, and we won't give up now. Let's show them what we're capable of."

The two groups collide, the sound of flesh tearing and bones cracking filling the air. During the fight, we see close-ups of the actors showing their intense emotions and the struggle they're facing as they kill the infected. The survivors fight with all they've got, but it's a brutal fight, and they suffer heavy casualties.



Mid shot of the survivors, led by Marcus, running towards the shore, looking behind in terror. They're being chased by a swarm of infected, who are slowly closing in on them.

"Keep moving, everyone! We're almost there! Don't give up!"

They make it to the shore, but the infected are right behind them. Marcus takes out his weapon, and the others follow suit. A STEDICAM SHOT shows the group standing their ground and looking intensely focused on their target, as the infected close in.

"Steady, everyone. Wait for my command."

The zombies are only a few feet away. Marcus raises his weapon and gives the signal to attack. The survivors fight with all their might, but two of them are bitten by the zombies during the battle.



PULLOUT SHOT of Hannah and her group hiding behind a tree, watching as a horde of infected moves past them. They wait until the coast is clear before moving on, but they're caught off guard by a stray zombie lying in wait. Hannah sees it first and immediately alerts her group.

(alerting her group)
"Behind you!"

Her group turns around, weapons at the ready. They take out the infected, but the noise draws more zombies towards them. One of the survivors is bitten and goes down in the scuffle.



The survivors are gathered inside the Science World dome, their last refuge. In the background, we can see the zombies pounding on the dome and trying to get in. Naomi is working on her cure, Tanya is helping the wounded, and Hannah is trying to calm the survivors down.

(addressing the survivors)
"We've lost some of our own today, and it's a tragedy we'll never forget. But we're still alive, and we have each other. This is not the end, it's a new beginning. We'll rebuild our city, and we'll make sure this never happens again."

The survivors nod in agreement, tears in their eyes yet determined to move on and fight back. Naomi looks up, her face glowing with pride and hope as she holds up a small vial containing the cure.

(holding up the vial)
"We have our cure. Now we have hope that we can save our city and the world."

The survivors cheer as the camera pans out, showing the infected trying to get inside the dome, indicating that the fight is not over yet.