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Worldbuilding Elements:

- Physical Setting: The movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a meteor has crashed into the Earth, causing the oceans to turn into a jelly-like substance that is thick enough to walk on. The film is set in a coastal city that has been largely abandoned due to the catastrophic event.

- New Environment: The jelly-like ocean has drastically altered the physical landscape, making previously impossible feats such as walking on top of the water possible. However, this new environment is also fraught with danger, as the jelly is thick, sticky, and unpredictable, making it easy to get stuck and difficult to move quickly.

- The Survivors: The movie follows a group of survivors who have banded together to survive in this new world, utilizing scavenged resources to create makeshift homes and tools to navigate the jelly-like ocean. The survivors come from diverse backgrounds and have varying levels of survival skills and motivations, which lead to conflicts and alliances throughout the movie.

- New Threats: The meteor's impact has not only transformed the oceans but has also brought about new creatures and mutated existing ones, making the survivors' newfound ability to walk on the jelly an even greater danger. The mutated creatures vary in size, from small jellyfish-like creatures to terrifying sea monsters, and they pose constant threats to the survivors.

- The Search: The survivors are on a constant search for resources, particularly clean drinking water and food. The movie follows their journeys as they explore the city and surrounding areas for supplies and hidden caches left by other survivors.

- The Power Struggle: As the survivor group evolves, disagreements arise, leading to power struggles and infighting. Some members want to leave the city, while others want to stay and fortify their position. These conflicts contribute to the overall tension and drama of the movie.

- The Unknown: As the survivors navigate this new world and encounter new threats and challenges, they come to realize that they know very little about what caused the meteor's impact and what it means for the rest of the world. Throughout the movie, they encounter clues and information that suggest something much bigger is at play.

Overall, the movie explores the human capacity to survive in the face of unimaginable hardship and disaster. It is a thrilling action movie that combines elements of survival, thriller, horror, and science fiction. The unique and otherworldly setting of the jelly-like ocean presents a visually stunning and captivating environment that sets this movie apart from other post-apocalyptic films.


1. Survival of the Fittest: In a world where the oceans have turned into jelly, only the strong can adapt and survive. The action movie can explore how humans and other marine creatures learn to survive in this new environment, fighting for resources and becoming the fittest among the jelly.

2. Environmental Disaster: The meteor event and the transformation of the oceans into jelly can represent the ultimate environmental disaster on a global scale. The ramifications of this event for the planet and its ecosystems can be explored through the story.

3. Scientific Investigations: The action movie can delve into the scientific investigation of the event, exploring how scientists race to understand the meteor and its impact, and how they try to find a solution for restoring the oceans to their previous state.

4. Apocalypse: The transformation of the oceans into jelly can be seen as the beginning of the end of the world, and the action movie can explore how humanity deals with the apocalypse, fighting to survive and thrive in an unrecognizable world.

5. Political Power Struggles: The event can lead to political power struggles as governments and corporations fight for control of the new resources and opportunities presented by the transformed oceans.

6. Family Bonds: The action movie can explore the theme of family bonds in a world where survival is everything and the odds are against humanity. The narrative can focus on families and their struggles to survive in a dangerous and chaotic world.

7. Transformation and Evolution: The transformation of the oceans into jelly can represent a transformation and evolution of life on earth. The action movie can explore how humans and other creatures evolve and transform in response to this event, and how they adapt to the new reality.

8. Love and Loss: The theme of love and loss can be explored in the context of the apocalyptic world of transformed oceans. The story can focus on the relationships between the characters and how they are impacted by the cataclysmic event.


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Magic or Tech:

1. Resource Scavenging: The survivors must constantly scavenge for resources, including food, water, and building materials while avoiding mutated creatures that inhabit the transformed ocean.
2. Interpersonal Conflicts: Tensions rise between the survivors as they struggle to adapt to this new world. Personal grudges, power struggles, and opposing goals can lead to violence and betrayal.
3. Facing the Unknown: With the world completely changed, the survivors must deal with the mystery of what caused the meteor impact and the transformation of the oceans into jelly. As they search for answers, they encounter new dangers and unexpected allies.
- The interpersonal conflicts between survivors escalate, resulting in a split of the group. The two factions argue over whether to leave their current base or stay and fortify it. Eventually, they become enemies, and a dramatic final battle ensues.
- The survivors encounter a tribe of mutated humans who are immune to the jelly substance. The tribe has been living in hiding and not trusting outsiders. The survivors must navigate a tense diplomatic situation while trying to gain the tribe's trust to secure new resources.
- The survivors discover an abandoned lab that holds information on the meteor impact and how to revert the oceans to their original state. However, the lab is guarded by a dangerous mutated creature. The survivors must defeat the creature while also retrieving the valuable information that can save humanity.


1. The Abandoned City: The survivor group takes refuge in an abandoned coastal city, where skyscrapers and once-gleaming structures now sit empty and decaying. Streets are barren, and the occasional scavenger or monstrous creature adorns the otherwise lifeless landscapes. The jelly-like ocean surrounds the city, providing both a unique element of danger and the potential for discovery.

2. The Jelly Ocean: The transformed ocean is a stunning and eerie sight to behold. Pulsating waves of purple and blue hues light up the thick, sticky jelly, and the survivors navigate it on makeshift rafts with poles fashioned from scavenged materials. The jelly's unpredictable nature adds another level of danger to the survivor's journey.

3. The Mutated Creatures: The mutated creatures that inhabit the jelly hover like angelic horrors and slime-covered demons, ranging from small jellyfish to terrifying sea monsters. The survivors must remain vigilant and use their wits, weapons, and defense tactics when confronting these creatures.

4. The Haunted Vessel: During their scavenging journey, the survivor group stumbles upon a rusty, abandoned warship in the jelly-like ocean. The ship's dark history and the presence of the mysterious "phantom crew" who once commanded it add to the eerie atmosphere of the action film, and the ship itself becomes both an ally and an adversary.

5. The Underground Bunker: The need for a secure shelter prompts the group to explore an ancient underground bunker, where a series of traps and hazards test their survival skills. The cool, damp air and dark shadows give a claustrophobic feeling while navigating the bowels of the bunker, adding a new level of fear.

6. The Chemical Factory: In search of supplies and new opportunities, the group stumbles upon a chemical factory that still contains dangerous chemicals before the meteor hit. The factory's crumbling infrastructure, rusted pipes, and surreal chemical mixing bizarrely contrast the already eerie aesthetic of the film.

7. The Oil Rig: The oil rig located just beyond the survivor's base presents an opportunity for extensive scavenging but comes with an additional level of danger. Heightened tensions and conflict rise as the group debates whether to venture to the oil rig, with the potential of unprecedented wealth or catastrophic loss.

8. The Isolated Island: As the survivors become more adept at navigating the jelly and its new threats, they venture further into the unknown and stumble upon an isolated island, offering both a sense of hope and uncertainty. The island's verdant jungle beauty masks its own hidden dangers, where the survivors must confront their mortality and fight to stay alive.

Character Relationships:

The characters in the action movie can have complex and evolving relationships with each other, as they navigate the challenges and dangers of the post-apocalyptic world. Here are six possible character relationship pairs:

1. The Leader and the Rebel: The leader of the survival group is a competent and driven individual who is determined to keep the group together and focused on finding resources. One of the members is a rebel who disagrees with the leader's decisions and hopes to split off and survive on their own.

2. The Loner and the Protector: One of the survivors is a loner who prefers to work alone and avoid socializing with others. However, they are at constant risk of being attacked by the mutated creatures of the jelly-like ocean. Another survivor is a protector who takes it upon themselves to watch over the loner and keep them safe.

3. The Scientist and the Idealist: A member of the survival group is a scientist who is obsessed with studying the meteor's impact and finding a way to reverse its effects. Another member is an idealist who believes that humanity can come together and create a better world, even in the midst of a catastrophe.

4. The Rivals: Two members of the survival group have a long-standing rivalry that has intensified in the post-apocalyptic world. They are constantly bickering and trying to one-up each other, but their competitiveness may lead to dangerous consequences for the group.

5. The Infiltrator and the Trusting Friend: One of the survivors is secretly working for a hostile group that plans to attack and take over the survival group's resources. Another survivor is a kind and trusting friend who believes in the good of humanity and is vulnerable to being deceived by the infiltrator.

6. The Family: A small family is among the survivors of the jelly-like ocean. The family consists of a father, a mother, and their young child. Their struggle to navigate the apocalypse, protect each other, and find a new home is at the heart of the film's emotional core.


Here is the revised 7 scene outline:

Scene 1: The Arrival

- Introduce the leader and rebel relationship pair: Leader character, Grace, and rebel character, Jack.
- While scavenging for resources, Grace and Jack clash over leadership styles and survival techniques.
- Reveal mutated creatures - jellyfish creatures - lurking in the jelly ocean, posing a threat to the survivors.
- End with a small battle scene with the creatures, and survivors retreating to their base.

Location: The Abandoned City

Scene 2: The Vessel

- Introduce loner and protector relationship pair: Loner character, Alex, and protector character, Mia.
- Start with the group exploring a haunted vessel in the jelly ocean.
- Discover valuable resources but also encounter danger in the form of a sea monster.
- The scientist and idealist relationship pair, Eva and Aaron, make a breakthrough in understanding the transformed ocean.
- End with the group narrowly escaping the vessel and returning to their base.

Locations: The Jelly Ocean, The Haunted Vessel

Scene 3: The Bunker

- Reveal the rivals relationship pair: Rival characters, Sam and Julia.
- The survivors find an underground bunker that appears to be a safe haven.
- Challenges test the group's survival skills and create tension between Sam and Julia.
- The infiltrator and trusting friend relationship pair, Michael and Sarah, uncovers hidden information about the bunker's past.
- Cliffhanger ending - a danger - a mutated creature - hiding in the bunker threatens the group.

Location: The Underground Bunker

Scene 4: The Battle

- The group is divided over staying or leaving the bunker.
- The father and mother relationship pair, Tom and Laura, risks their lives to protect their child and others.
- The infiltrator and trusting friend relationship pair exposes the danger hiding in the bunker, leading to a final battle.
- The survivors emerge victorious, but with heavy casualties.
- End with the group deciding to leave the bunker and search for new resources.

Locations: The Underground Bunker, The Abandoned City

Scene 5: The Tribe

- The survivors encounter the tribe of mutated humans immune to the jelly substance.
- Alex and Mia find mutual understanding and form an alliance with the tribe.
- Eva and Aaron work with the tribe to find a way to reverse the ocean's transformation.
- Suspenseful action sequence involving the newly-formed alliance and a dangerous monster.
- End with the survivors receiving vital information from the tribe.

Locations: The Jelly Ocean, The Isolated Island

Scene 6: The Oil Rig

- The group risks their lives on an oil rig to scavenge for resources.
- Introduce a new unknown danger: an intelligent mutated creature guarding valuable resources.
- Grace and Jack must put aside their differences to lead the group to safety.
- Suspense builds as the group races to escape the rig before it collapses.
- End with the survivors escaping barely alive, but with valuable resources.

Locations: The Oil Rig, The Abandoned City

Scene 7: The Island

- The group discovers an isolated island offering hope of a new beginning.
- Disaster strikes as the island is revealed to be unstable and poses more dangers than previously thought.
- The survivors must work together to find a new safe haven.
- Tom and Laura sacrifice themselves to ensure their child's safety and the success of the group.
- The survivors find success in their search for a new home and a chance for a better life.
- Satisfying conclusion that ties up loose ends and leaves the audience feeling satisfied.

Locations: The Isolated Island


Here is the final version of scene 1:



The camera zooms in to show a deserted, destroyed city. The streets are filled with rubble, and several buildings have collapsed. In the distance, the endless, jelly-like ocean is a constant reminder of the world they once knew. The survivors move through the city cautiously.



Grace (early 30s), the leader of the group, and Jack (mid-20s), the rebel, lead the survivors through the streets of the abandoned city. They wear protective gear and carry weapons made of scavenged materials.

GRACE: (to the group) Keep an eye out for anything useful. We need to restock.

JACK: (to Grace) I worry we're wasting too much energy on scavenging. We need to conserve our resources, don't you think?

GRACE: (defensive) We can't afford to sit around and wait for resources to magically appear. We need to be proactive if we're going to survive.

JACK: (skeptical) And what happens when we do find something that we can use? We can't just carry everything back to base. We don't have the manpower.

GRACE: (firmly) We'll figure it out. We always do.

As they move deeper into the city, they hear a strange noise coming from the ocean. Grace and Jack turn to see mutated jellyfish creatures of different sizes approaching them.

GRACE: (shouting) Everybody! Grab your weapons! We have company!

The group quickly prepares for battle. They have dealt with these creatures before, but they have to be careful, as they are unpredictable and can cause serious damage.

The battle scene is chaotic. The group fights back against the creatures, but they keep coming. Jack takes the lead, directing the group and coordinating their attacks. Meanwhile, Grace takes a more aggressive approach, firing at the creatures with her weapon, trying to take them down as quickly as possible.

As the battle rages on, some of the survivors are injured, and the group's supplies are running low. Jack tries to think of a way out, but Grace takes a risk and charges forward. It pays off, and the last of the creatures is eliminated.

JACK: (out of breath) We... we did it.

GRACE: (nodding) But we need to get back. Who knows what else is out there.

The survivors retreat back to their base, discussing what they've encountered. Grace and Jack's argument from earlier continues, but it's clear they both care deeply about the group's safety.

JACK: (exasperated) I just worry about you taking too many risks. It's not just your life you're putting on the line.

GRACE: (empathetically) I know, Jack. I know. But we wouldn't be here without taking risks. We need to stick together if we're going to make it.

As they reach their base, the survivors quickly check to make sure everything is secure, setting up their defenses for the night. Grace and Jack's argument subsides, and for a moment, the group is united in their shared survival.



Here is the final version of Scene 2:



The camera shows the endless, jelly-like ocean, with the survivors' current base visible in the distance. The group is seen standing on a makeshift raft, with Alex (late 20s), the loner, and Mia (early 30s), the protector, keeping watch.

GRACE: (to the group) We need resources. Any ideas?

ALEX: (quietly) There's a rumored vessel sunk near here. Might be worth checking out.

MIA: (protectively) We don't know what kind of danger might be lurking. It's not worth the risk.

GRACE: (thoughtfully) We need to try. We can't afford to pass up any opportunities. Let's head towards the vessel.

The group nods in agreement as they set off towards the horizon.



The group arrives at the vessel, the abandoned ship barely afloat in the gelatinous sea. They cautiously make their way inside. It's dark and damp, with seaweed and debris strewn everywhere. They move with caution, scanning the area for signs of life.

EVA: (excitedly) I think I've found something! This could change everything.

AARON: (intrigued) What have you discovered, Eva?

Eva's enthusiasm is palpable as she points to a console screen. Aaron scans the readings, drawing closer to examine the numbers.

EVA: (animatedly) It's like the ocean's composition has been completely altered. The chemical levels are off the charts. But if we could somehow reverse it...

Suddenly, a loud noise echoes through the hall. The group stiffens in alarm, ready to react to the unexpected noise. A low growling sound fills the air as the group catches sight of the monster, its mottled skin glistening in the dim light.

MIA: (with urgency) We have to get out of here, now.

The group hastily moves, trying to locate a way out. But the monster is unseen, attacking at will, its giant clawed arms reaching out with lightning speed, and pinning members of the group to the ground.

ALEX: (grunting) Get up, we have to move.

Meanwhile, Eva and Aaron are deep in conversation.

EVA: (yelling) If we mix these chemicals in just the right way...

AARON: (ecstatic) Yes, yes! That's it!

Together, they work quickly, grabbing bottles and vials from the lab and pouring them into beakers. It's a splash of color everywhere as the two work together, narrowly avoiding the monster's grasp.

MIA: (yelling) Hurry up, we're running out of time!

The monster is gaining on them, the sound of its footsteps pounding down the corridor. Alex and Mia run towards Eva and Aaron, with Alex taking Mia's rifle and shooting the monster in the face, buying them a few seconds.

Eva and Aaron prepare for the final step, pouring the mixture into a large flask and throwing it at the monster. The monster roars in pain as the flask's contents explode on impact, throwing it off balance. The group takes advantage of the opportunity to flee.



The group, pale and shaken from their ordeal, gathers on the raft.

GRACE: (voice tense) We can't stay here. We need to go back to base. Eva, Aaron, is it possible that there could be more of those creatures out there? What did you find?

AARON: (voice shaky) The ocean's chemical composition has been altered on a fundamental level. It's an entirely different ecosystem now, full of dangers we can't even imagine.

EVA: (voice grim) We can adapt, but we need to move quickly. The resources we need might be out there, but we have to hunt harder, search longer.

ALEX: (voice steady) We'll make it. But we need to work together.

MIA nods, holding Grace's hand in a supportive gesture.

GRACE: (voice determined) Let's go home.

The group heads back towards their base, with the camera panning out to show the vast expanse of the transformed ocean.



Here is the final version of scene 3



The camera shows the group's raft pulling up to a hidden entrance in the shore. They disembark and approach the door, which is rusted shut.

SAM: (grumbling) This is a waste of time. It's probably been picked clean already.

JULIA: (rolling her eyes) That's your positive attitude for you.

GRACE: (firmly) We need to check every option, Sam. We can't afford to pass up a potential safe haven.

Alex and Mia pry open the door and the group entered cautiously. The bunker was dimly lit, and the air was cold and damp. The bunker had a maze of hallways and rooms, and the group navigated through the halls with their weapons drawn in case they encountered any surprises.

MICHAEL: (whispering to Sarah) Keep an eye out. Something about this place gives me the creeps.

SARAH: (nodding) Yeah, me too. It feels like this place has a life of its own.

As they continue to walk through the bunker, they encounter a series of challenges that test their survival skills. The challenges presented disagreed with Sam and Julia, and their rivalry only intensified as they navigated the obstacles.

SAM: (exasperated) Can we trust this place? How do we know there aren't traps waiting for us around every corner?

JULIA: (sarcastically) Oh, I'm sure you'd love that. Gives you an excuse to show off your survival skills.

SAM: (defensively) Hey, I'm just looking out for the group. You're the one who's always trying to be a hero.

GRACE: (interjecting) Enough. We're all in this together.

Meanwhile, Michael and Sarah find a hidden room that appears to have been sealed off for years. Inside, they discover blueprints, documents and some tools that shed light on the bunker's past and reveal its true purpose.

MICHAEL: (astonished) These documents are from before the meteor impact. This place was designed to withstand a nuclear attack.

SARAH: (curiously) But why keep it hidden? There's something they're not telling us.

As they continue to search the bunker, a low growling sound emanates from one of the rooms. The group tenses up, unsure of what might be ahead.

MIA: (whispering) What was that?

ALEX: (cautiously) There's something in there. We need to be ready for anything.

The group moved ahead, and the growling sound gets louder and stronger. Suddenly, the mutated creature jumps out of the shadows, and the group prepares for a fight. Everyone takes out their weapons and fight the creature. Sam and Julia, forced to work together for the first time, struggle to overcome their differences and take down the creature.

The creature was fierce, and the fight was intense. The fight ends with the creature finally dead, and the group panting and wounded. They realize that danger lurks around every corner, and the new safe haven isn't as safe as they had hoped.

GRACE: (panting) We can't stay here. There are too many unknowns.

SAM: (nodding) She's right. We should move on and find a better place to settle.

JULIA: (gritting her teeth) We need to stay together if we want to survive.

The scene ends with the group feeling edgy and fearful of what might come as they leave the bunker.



Final Version of Scene 4:



The group exits the underground bunker and emerges onto the empty streets of the ruined city. They are exhausted and bloodied from the fight with the mutated creature, but they know they can't stay there.

TOM: (looking back at the bunker) "We've lost too many people out there. It’s not safe for us."

LAURA: (holding their child protectively) “We must keep moving to a safe place. Somewhere we can defend ourselves."

As they make their way through the debris of a crumbled city, something moves in the shadows. The group realizes that it is a swarm of small mutated jellyfish, twisting and turning in the air like a living wave.

ALEX: (incredulously) "How do we fight against this?"

MIA: (thinking on her feet) “Let’s lure them away by creating noise from the opposite side of the city."

SAM: (skeptical) "What if they do not follow us?"

JULIA: (determined) "We’ll split into two teams and create as much noise as possible. It will be the best way to distract these creatures."

The group agrees, and they divide into two teams. Sam, Julia, and Alex go one way, while Tom, Laura, Michael, Grace, Sarah, and Mia go the other way with the child.

As they make their way through the city, the jellyfish swarm surrounds them, and the survivors fight frantically to keep them at bay. Tom and Laura fight side-by-side, fiercely protecting their child and each other.

TOM: (roaring) "You slimy bastards want a piece of us? Come and get it!"

LAURA: (determined) "We'll fight until the end. No way out but forward!"

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, Sam, Julia, and Alex come across an abandoned factory. They make their way inside, hoping to find some kind of useful resource.

ALEX: (cautiously) "Be watchful. There could be anything lurking in here."

JULIA: (nodding) "We must stay close. Keep your senses on high alert."

Suddenly, they're attacked by a massive mutated sea monster, rising up from the jelly-like ocean outside the factory. The three of them fight bravely, but they quickly realize they're outmatched.

SAM: (cries) "We can't beat this creature alone!"

JULIA: (yelling) "We must retreat now!"

Together, they make a break for the exit, dodging the monster's furious attacks. Just as they reach the door, Alex is grabbed by a tentacle and dragged back into the factory.

ALEX: (screaming) "Save me!"

JULIA: (grabbing his hand) "Hold on! We're not leaving you behind!"

SAM: (shouting) "We need to stand up and fight back against this monster to save him!"

Together, they pull with all their strength, dragging Alex away from the monster's clutches. Finally, they manage to escape, but the creature follows them out of the factory and onto the streets of the city.

The two groups reunite, and together they fight the monster with everything they have. In the end, they emerge victorious, but at a heavy cost. The survivors are bruised, battered, and emotionally exhausted.

GRACE: (somberly) "Our losses are getting too high, we need a new plan."

SARAH: (determined) "We need to search and find something to help us. There must be a way to fight back."

MIA: (nodding) "We can't afford to give up now."

The group agrees to keep pushing forward, searching for new resources and a way out of the nightmare they find themselves in.



Here is the final version of scene 5:


The jelly-like ocean stretches out in every direction, ripples of toxicity obscuring the water. Suddenly, a group of mutated humans immune to the jelly's effects comes into view. The survivors, surprised at the sight, approach them cautiously.

As they draw nearer, a barrage of spears is hurled towards the group accompanied by a deafening chorus of shouts. The survivors quickly halt and hold their hands up to show that they come in peace.

ALEX: "We are survivors, like you. We mean no harm."

MIA: "We're looking for a way to fight back against the creatures."

A member of the tribe steps forward, brandishing a sharpened stone.

TRIBE MEMBER: "You no harm? You bring more dangers."

ALEX: "What do you mean?"

TRIBE MEMBER: "Your war breed more monsters. You bring them here."

EVA: "They think we caused this?"

AARON: "It's possible they've seen things we haven't."

The tribe leads the group to their isolated island where they have a standoff. Alex and Mia take the lead and try to build a bridge between them and the tribe, emphasizing that they all have the same goal: to find a way to reverse the ocean's transformation.

ALEX: (gesturing to the tribe's leader) "We must put our differences aside and work together to defeat the creatures and put an end to this danger. I believe we share the same goal as you, it's time for us to unite."

MIA: "Our intentions are sincere, and we hope you can trust us."

Alex and Mia's words resonate with the tribe, as their leader slowly puts down his weapon, signaling that the group has formed an alliance between them.

With this new alliance formed, the group and tribe come together to defeat a massive sea creature that emerges from the jelly. The fight is intense as the monster thrashes around, but the tribe's adeptness with weapons and the survivors' experience enables them to vanquish the creature, and in the end the tribe acknowledges the survivors' strength and capabilities. They form an unbreakable bond as they celebrate their shared victory.

TRIBE MEMBER: "You strong. We fight together."

EVA: "We need to find a way to reverse this transformation. We need to find the lab."

AARON: "The lab can be our hope, it might have the solution we need."

A nail-biting battle between the survivors and the tribe against a mutated monster guarding the lab entrance reveals itself. The fight is bloody and arduous, but they finally triumph, making their way to the lab. Entering the secret laboratory takes them closer to understanding what's really going on in the world.

ALEX: "This is it. This is where we'll find a way out of this nightmare."

The episode ends with the survivors and the tribe receiving crucial information from the lab, hinting at something much larger at play in the world.



Final Version of Scene 6


The group trudges through the debris-strewn and overgrown streets of the barren abandoned city, searching for tools and supplies. Suddenly, the sound of an engine revving up in the distance captures their attention.

ALEX, instinctively aware: "Everyone, take cover!"

The survivors dart behind the walls of a dilapidated building as a gang of marauders on motorcycles speed past them, raising thick plumes of dust in their wake.

EVA, panting heavily, suggests: "It is time to find a safer spot to scavenge. This city is too dangerous."

AARON, nods: "There's an oil rig offshore, We can find things of value there."

GRACE, eyeing the distant oil rig with suspicion before slowly agreeing, "It's too risky, but we need to try."

The group sets off in the direction of the oil rig, barely erect against the distant horizon.



The group gradually descends on the rusting rig and wanders toward the centre of the massive installation, each person looking for useful resources.

GRACE stares at the rotting pipes, lost in thought, before a strange grunting noise breaks her out of her trance.

GRACE, quizzical, asks: "What's that sound?"

ALEX, cautiously approaching the origin of the noise, whispers: "It's coming from over there."

Suddenly, a tremendous, shadow-casting beast appears, calling forth a sudden communal gasp from the group. A mutated animal with sharp, gnashing teeth, and blazing eyes stares back at them with an unsettling intelligence.

GRACE, fear in her voice: "Oh, my god. It cannot be real."

JACK, his gaze unwavering from the metal beast: " Everyone, get ready for a fight. It's heading straight for us!"

ALEX tiptoes against the metallic creature, and yells: "Attack the legs first! We can bring it down!"

The group relentlessly garbles against the monster, but the creature is quick, dodging their every move.

GRACE grits her teeth as the metallic beast claws at her jacket sleeve, shredding it. "We’re not making any headway. We need to leave."

JACK, panting nervously: "I can try to lead it away while the rest of you escape. Just go down that way."

Every one of the team members runs, stumbling along the perilously ingratiating platform as the creature trails close behind. The clanging of the iron pipes beneath their feet gradually intensifies.

GRACE: "Make sure you jump clear of the debris!"

JACK directs the group as they all take a running leap just as an enormous piece of metal falls on the place where they are behind. The rig collapses on itself, sending a deafeningly thrashing sound into the water and sending a shower of pieces of iron to the bottom of the tormented ocean.



The group finally bursts forth from the water gasping for breath, nursing bruised and battered limbs and slightly injured.

EVA, beams with pride, "That was insane. But, at least we got what we wanted."

AARON, pointing out, "And we proved once again that we can overcome anything this world throws at us."

GRACE, contemplating their feat cast her eyes out to the beyond, "But, we mustn’t stay any longer. There's no saying what's around the bend."

The group sets off into the horizon's looming, apprehensive in their hearts but knowing they all had each other.



Final Version of Scene 7


The survivors arrive at the shore of an isolated island, with pristine sand and a lush, green forest in the distance. The group breathes a sigh of relief upon finding this oasis, with the hope of a new beginning.

JACK, taking a step onto the sand, says, "Finally, we can catch a break."

GRACE, with a smile on her face, says, "Looks like we've finally found a place to start fresh."

Suddenly, the ground shakes beneath them, startling the group. The once peaceful island begins to crumble and shake as they struggle to find their footing.

RACHEL, stumbling as rocks fall from above, yells "We need to get out of here! Now!"

The survivors scramble to find a way off the unstable island. They soon realize that the island is prone to frequent volcanic activity.

AARON, with sweat dripping off his face, shouts, "We need to find shelter! Now!"

The survivors race through the forest, dodging falling debris, and stumbling over uneven terrain. They finally come across a partially collapsed bunker, with just enough room for all of them to squeeze inside.

The group huddles together in the dark, damp space, with fear and uncertainty in their eyes.

GRACE, with tears in her eyes, says, "We'll never make it off this island alive."

TOM, determined, pulls out a flashlight and replies, "We can and we will. We've come this far together, we're not giving up now."

LAURA, hugging their child tightly, nods in agreement, "Let's stick together and find a way out of here."

The group emerges from the bunker to search for a new safe haven. Every step becomes more treacherous than the last, as hot ash rains down from the sky, and lava flows block their path.

Camera pans to show hot magma flowing swiftly, thunderously, as characters try to dodge the molten rock and ash raining down.

AARON, holding a metal sheet over his head as a shield, shouts, "We need to find a way to cross the lava!"

JACK, looking over at him, says, "Use that metal sheet and lay it over the lava. Let it cool for a few seconds before we step on it."

The survivors make it across the lava by laying the sheet on top and letting it cool before stepping on it. They continue onward, dodging hot ash and lava, with Tom and Laura leading the way.

TOM and LAURA, knowing the perilous journey ahead, exchange a look before deciding to sacrifice themselves for their child and the rest of the group.

LAURA, giving the child one last hug, says, "Take care of him. Give him a better life than this. Let's do this for our family."

TOM, holding Laura close, whispers, "I love you all. Stay safe."

The group mourns the loss of Tom and Laura but continues their trek, honoring their fallen comrades while holding onto hope for a new beginning.

The survivors make it to the top of the next hill, out of breath, but motivated by the sight before them. The camera pans to show a beautiful, pristine ocean.

GRACE, pointing to the sea, says "Guys, look! There's a ship!"

The group races towards the distant vessel, their spirits lifted at the possibility of escaping the unstable island.



The survivors climb aboard the vessel, exhausted but relieved. They find a map onboard, leading them to a new land untouched by the apocalypse.

EVA, holding up the map, exclaims, "This looks like our chance for a better life!"

GRACE, beaming with hope, says, "Let's go, everyone. The future is waiting for us."

The group sets sail towards the unknown, with a newfound hope and resolve to survive and thrive in this new world.

AERIAL SHOT of the boat heading towards the horizon, as the music swells to a crescendo.



The boat lands on a gorgeous tropical island, with lush greenery, a pristine beach, and wildlife that isn't out to kill them.

EVA, with a big smile on her face, says, "This is it, guys! This is our chance to start over!"

RACHEL, hugging Grace, exclaims "We made it!"

The survivors set up camp on the beach, starting their journey towards a new life. The camera takes a final shot of the group as they work together, upbeat music swelling in the background.