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Worldbuilding Elements:

1. Setting: The story takes place on a space station in low earth orbit, a few decades into the future.

2. Society: The society in the futuristic world of the space station is somewhat hierarchical, with different sections of the station having different roles and purposes. The highest level of authority is held by the station commander.

3. Culture: The culture on the space station is largely focused on functional efficiency. People are trained to be experts in their specific fields in order to keep the station running as optimally as possible.

4. Technology: Technology is the cornerstone of the space station's existence. The station is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that is used to maintain life support, provide food and water, generate energy, and support communication and transportation.

5. Characters: The main characters in the story are a group of astronauts, scientists, and engineers who work on the space station. They are all highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to their work and the success of the station.

6. Themes: Some of the key themes of the story include the ethics of scientific experimentation, the limits of technology, and the psychological impact of living in isolation for long periods of time.

7. Conflict: The main conflict in the story arises when a scientist on the station becomes obsessed with creating new life forms using genetic engineering. The other characters on the station are initially supportive of her experiments, but as the creatures she creates become more and more dangerous, they begin to fear for their own safety.

8. Worldbuilding Details: Some of the key worldbuilding elements that could be included in the story include:

- Detailed descriptions of the different sections and functions of the space station, including life support systems, laboratories, and observation decks.
- The history of the space program and how it evolved to the point of having a permanent space station in low earth orbit.
- The effects of living in space on the human body and mind, including the challenges of zero-gravity and radiation exposure.
- The politics of the space program, including different countries and organizations vying for control and influence over the station.
- The various technologies that are used on the station, including artificial intelligence, drones, and advanced robotics.
- The social dynamics between the characters on the station, including the challenges of living and working in close quarters with the same people for long periods of time.


1. The hubris of scientific innovation.
2. The moral and ethical implications of creating life in space.
3. The dangers and consequences of unchecked ambition.
4. The isolation of space and how it affects human behavior and decision-making.
5. The price of loneliness and the need for companionship.
6. The search for meaning, purpose, and identity in a place where everything is unfamiliar.
7. The politics and power dynamics of a small, self-contained community.
8. The power of empathy, connection, and empathy in shaping who we become.


1. Commander Asuka Nakamura: The highest authority on the space station, Nakamura is a strong-willed but fair leader who always puts the safety and well-being of her crew first.

2. Dr. Zahra Khan: A brilliant geneticist who becomes obsessed with creating new life forms on the space station. Her unbridled ambition leads her down a dangerous path that threatens the entire crew.

3. Captain Kofi Nkrumah: The experienced and level-headed captain of the space station, Nkrumah is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the craft and the safety of the crew.

4. Dr. Ada Mann: The chief medical officer on the space station, Mann is a highly skilled physician who is fiercely protective of her patients.

5. Engineer Aileen Choi: The tough and resourceful chief engineer on the space station, Choi is responsible for maintaining the station's advanced technology and keeping it running smoothly.

6. Technician Keisha Jackson: A skilled technician who specializes in robotics and AI, Jackson is quiet and reserved but fiercely competent.

7. Scientist Mason Chen: A brilliant astronomer and astrophysicist who studies the mysteries of the universe from the space station's observation deck. Despite his genius, his past demons haunt him and he struggles to cope with the isolation of space.

8. Antagonist: The main antagonist is Dr. Zahra Khan, driven by her obsession with playing God. She is a complex character, motivated by a desire to prove herself and make a name for herself in the scientific community. She is initially well-intentioned but her ambition gets the better of her and she becomes increasingly reckless in her experiments.

9. Other character details:
- Dr. Ada Mann is a lesbian who struggles to cope with the isolation of space and the absence of her wife back on earth.
- Technician Keisha Jackson is a trans woman who is still adjusting to life on the space station after undergoing gender confirmation surgery just before the mission began.
- Captain Kofi Nkrumah is a Ghanaian man who brings a unique cultural perspective to the mission, having grown up in a country that is rapidly embracing space exploration as a key part of its future.

Magic or Tech:

Intriguing Technologies/Magic:
1. Genetic Engineering Technology
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Holographic Technology
4. Teleportation Technology

1. The scientist's obsession with her genetic engineering experiments creates a moral dilemma for her colleagues, who must decide whether to intervene and stop her or support her work, even if it means endangering everyone on the station.
2. The station's AI system malfunctions and begins to act independently, causing chaos and confusion among the crew.
3. The holographic technology on the station is hacked by an unknown entity, causing the crew to question their own perception of reality and the safety of their environment.

Methods of Resolution:
1. The scientist's colleagues eventually realize the danger her experiments pose and are forced to take action to stop her, resulting in a loss of trust and division within the crew.
2. The crew must work together to restore the AI system to its proper function, leading to a better understanding of the importance of human control over technology.
3. The crew successfully tracks down the source of the hack and manages to secure the holographic technology, although they are left grappling with the idea that their reality is not as secure as they thought.


1. Command Center - The beating heart of the space station, this is where the station commander and their team oversee all aspects of the station's operation. The walls are lined with screens displaying vital statistics, and the air smells of fresh coffee from the station's automated kitchen. The commander's chair is a sleek, ergonomic throne, and the workstations are cluttered with graphs, charts, and data.

2. Genetic Engineering Lab - This lab is where the scientist who becomes obsessed with creating new life forms experiments with genetic engineering. The lab is sterile and brightly lit, with rows of test tubes and Petri dishes lining the shelves. The scientist's computer is loaded with genetic sequencing software and her microscope is trained on a sample of her latest creation, a strange, octopus-like creature that glows in the dark.

3. Hydroponics Bay - This is where the station grows its food supply, using hydroponic technology to maximize yield and minimize waste. The air is warm and humid, and the scent of basil and tomatoes fills the room. Vines stretch across the walls and ceiling, and delicate tendrils wrap around beams and supports. The hydroponics team moves quietly around the room, checking pH levels and adjusting the lighting.

4. Observation Deck - This is where the astronauts and scientists can look out at the vast expanse of space surrounding the station. The view is breathtaking, with stars stretching out to infinity and the curve of the earth visible far below. The deck is quiet, with only the hum of the station's engines breaking the silence. The astronauts take turns gazing out the windows, contemplating their place in the universe.

5. Recycling Center - This is where the station's waste is turned back into usable materials using advanced recycling technology. The air is crisp and clean, and the sound of whirring machinery fills the air. The station's recycling team moves methodically through the room, sorting trash and placing it into various machines. A final product, a small cube of compressed waste, is ejected from a machine and rolls across the floor, waiting to be re-integrated into the station's systems.

6. Exercise Room - This is where the astronauts and scientists work out to stay fit and healthy in the zero-gravity environment of the space station. The room is filled with resistance bands, free weights, and exercise machines adapted for use in micro-gravity. The walls are covered with motivational posters and the air is filled with upbeat music. The astronauts perform elaborate maneuvers as they work out, their muscles rippling with effort.

7. AI Control Room - This room houses the station's artificial intelligence system, which controls a wide variety of systems around the station, from life support to navigation. The air is cool and quiet, and the lights are dimmed to save power. The AI system communicates with the astronauts and scientists via a small screen on the wall, speaking in a calm, soothing voice. The workstation is a tangle of wires and circuits, humming quietly with activity.

8. Robotics Workshop - This is where the station's robotic systems are maintained and updated. The room is cluttered with spare parts and diagnostic equipment. One of the robots is disassembled on a workbench, its parts spread out like the pieces of a puzzle. The robotics team works quietly, soldering wires and typing code. A small drone whizzes around the room, keeping tabs on everything and beeping cheerfully.

Character Relationships:

Yes, essentially the story takes inspiration from Frankenstein and adds a futuristic space setting with updated technology and new characters. It also explores different themes and worldbuilding elements related to space exploration and the human experience in isolation.


1. Introduction to the space station & crew through a space debris collision.
2. Asuka Nakamura, station commander, makes tough decisions to ensure crew safety.
3. Zahra Khan, geneticist, shows disregard for protocol to collect debris samples.
4. Tension builds between Nakamura and Khan.
5. Ada Mann, chief medical officer, treats injured crew members.
6. Crew members begin to experience psychological effects of isolation.
7. Keisha Jackson, robotics tech, discovers malfunctioning equipment.
8. Outro: Khan expresses fascination with debris samples.

1. Zahra Khan's obsession with genetic engineering is revealed.
2. Flashback shows Khan's previous failed experiment on Earth.
3. Kofi Nkrumah, captain, introduces new water recycling technology.
4. Crew gathers for a holographic presentation on the technology.
5. Mason Chen, astronomer, detects unusual activity in a nearby planet.
6. Keisha Jackson investigates the cause of the malfunctioning equipment.
7. Ada Mann checks up on crew members' mental health.
8. Outro: Kofi expresses concern about the danger of genetic engineering.

1. Zahra Khan secretly creates genetically engineered life forms.
2. Crew members start to go missing.
3. Antagonism between Nakamura and Khan increases.
4. Mason discovers an alien civilization on the nearby planet.
5. Crew members experience strange hallucinations.
6. Kofi uncovers Khan's secret project.
7. Ada discovers a potential cure for the hallucinations.
8. Outro: The crew confronts Khan about the missing crew members.

1. Zahra admits to creating the genetically engineered life forms.
2. Kofi and Nakamura confront Khan about her reckless ambition.
3. Crew members work together to neutralize the alien civilization.
4. Ada administers the cure to the hallucinating crew members.
5. Keisha fixes malfunctioning equipment, restoring order.
6. Zahra faces consequences for her actions.
7. Mason discloses information about the alien civilization.
8. Outro: Crew members share emotional moments of bonding.

1. Zahra's genetically engineered life forms mutate and attack the crew.
2. Crew members are separated due to the attacks.
3. Kofi struggles with his unique cultural beliefs.
4. Ada tries to protect the injured crew members.
5. Mason uses his knowledge to navigate the space station.
6. Keisha uses her robotics skills to fight off the attacks.
7. Asuka tries to maintain communication between the separated crew members.
8. Outro: The crew faces a dangerous cliffhanger as the life forms become more powerful.

1. Crew members reunite and work together to eliminate the life forms.
2. Mason and Kofi work together to create a plan.
3. Ada administers medical assistance during the fight.
4. Keisha uses her drones to scout the area.
5. Zahra sacrifices herself to destroy the life forms.
6. Crew members mourn their fallen colleague.
7. Mason decodes alien messages and discovers a message of peace.
8. Outro: Crew members express gratitude for each other's support during the crisis.

1. Crew members return to their daily routines.
2. Mason presents his findings about the alien civilization.
3. Kofi reflects on his unique perspective and shares his culture.
4. Ada finds closure regarding her wife's death.
5. Keisha expresses her identity as a trans woman.
6. Mending relationships and newfound empathy.
7. Asuka steps down as commander to pursue her passion for science.
8. Outro: Crew members look out into the vast, mysterious universe with newfound appreciation for human connection.




The camera shows a wide shot of the space station as it rotates around its axis, a small speck in vast, empty space. Suddenly, a large and loud collision is heard, and the space station vibrates violently. Interior shots show crew members stumbling and trying to keep their balance as objects shift and fall.

As the crew members stabilize themselves, ASUKA NAKAMURA, the station commander, activates the emergency protocols and orders the crew to assess the damage. The camera pans to the damaged equipment and scattered debris which leads to a sense of urgency.

ZAHRA KHAN, the geneticist, shows disregard for safety protocols and rushes to gather debris samples. She grabs a lab coat on her way out to protect herself from the hazardous environment. NAKAMURA sternly warns Khan about the danger of disobeying orders, but KHAN argues that the samples could be valuable for research.

The tension between the two builds as they debate the greater good versus individual safety. The camera shots alternate between the duo’s face as they share their viewpoint with each other.

ADA MANN, the chief medical officer, attends to the injured crew members. Her uniform is visible, and she has a first aid kit attached to her belt. The other crew members begin to experience the psychological effects of isolation, and the atmosphere gets tensed.

KEISHA JACKSON, the robotics tech, discovers malfunctioning equipment that could put the crew in danger. She has a tool belt around her waist and is working on a panel with wires sticking out. JACKSON brings her colleagues together to repair the equipment before it causes any real damage.

As the scene ends, KHAN expresses her fascination with the debris samples, hinting at her obsession with genetic engineering. The camera pans for a closer look at the debris, and it is evident that KHAN is deeply engrossed in her work.





ZAHRA KHAN is in her laboratory wearing a pristine white lab coat with safety goggles placed atop her head. The space surrounding her is cluttered with rows upon rows of books on genetic engineering and microscopic specimens scattered about. She intently analyzes the debris samples she collected during the collision, viewing them through the microscope lens that is placed in front of her.

In a flashback, she remembers the devastating outcome of her previous experiment on Earth where she was attempting to create a new species. The memory is painful, and she shudders it off before returning her focus back to her work.

Meanwhile, the captain of the space station, KOFI NKRUMAH, relays the introduction of new water recycling technology utilizing advanced filtration systems to turn wastewater into drinkable water. The crew members are gathered around Nkrumah, paying rapt attention to his holographic presentation of the technology in the background.

MAS0N CHEN, the astronomer, brings a nearby planet's unusual activity to the attention of the crew. KEISHA JACKSON checks on the cause of the defunct equipment she discovered earlier, while ADA MANN ensures the crew's mental health is in check.

As the crew goes about their tasks, tensions rise between Nakamura and Khan, who are at odds over the latter's disregard for protocols. Kofi expresses grave concern about the dangers of genetic engineering, stressing the importance of caution and responsibility.




Zahra Khan has locked herself in a dimly lit lab, surrounded by her genetically engineered life forms. The creatures pace restlessly in their enclosures as Zahra monitors them on multiple screens. The creatures seem to be growing stronger and more aggressive. Zahra stares at them, fascinated by their evolution.

Cut to the crew members in the dining room, a cramped space cluttered with equipment and supplies. Asuka Nakamura, a somber woman with sharp features, is at the head of the table. She blames Zahra for the disappearance of the crew members, her voice tense with emotion. Kofi Nkrumah, a tall and muscular man with a warm smile, expresses his concern for the crew's safety and stresses the importance of working together to find a solution.

Mason Chen, the ship's resident scientist, interrupts the discussion, his face lit up with excitement. "I've detected an alien civilization on the nearby planet," he announces. The crew is shocked, fear and excitement mingling in their expressions. Ada Mann, the ship's doctor, immediately checks on their mental health, her eyes scanning the room for signs of distress.

As the crew members go about their tasks, strange hallucinations begin to affect their mental states. Their noses fill with the stench of garbage, and their skin starts to itch. The walls of the space station seem to waver and twist, and they feel as though they're suffocating.

Keisha Jackson, struggling with the malfunctioning equipment, falls victim to the hallucinations and falls to the floor in a heap.

Cut back to Zahra's lab, where one of the life forms has escaped and is now causing havoc throughout the space station. The creature moves with lightning speed, its long, sinewy limbs propelling it through the narrow corridors. Crew members start to go missing one by one, and panic grips the ship.

Kofi investigates Zahra's lab and confronts her about her rogue project, his tone stern and angry. Zahra is unrepentant, stating that her creation is the key to humanity's survival in this isolated environment. She is dressed in a white lab coat, her curly black hair framing her face.

Cut to Ada, who discovers a potential cure for the hallucinations while Keisha manages to fix the malfunctioning equipment. However, the crew is still in disarray, and Asuka struggles to maintain communication between the separated crew members.

The scene ends with the crew members confronting Zahra about the missing crew members and the danger she has unleashed on the space station. Tension crackles in the air as they face off against Zahra and the rapidly evolving life forms. The atmosphere is thick with uncertainty and peril as the crew faces the alien civilization and the dangers lurking within their own ship.



Revised Scene 4:

Zahra Khan stands at the center of the lab, wearing a lab coat over her sleek black military uniform. Her hands are raised in defense as Kofi and Asuka confront her. She's petite, but her eyes are fiery, and her sharp features convey intelligence and conviction. Her eyes follow the genetically engineered life form as it scurries across the room, knocking over equipment.

"I had to do what I could to keep humanity alive," Zahra pleads, her voice quavering.

Kofi approaches her, his posture rigid. "Your recklessness nearly cost us our lives," he says, his voice hard and decisive. Asuka nods in agreement, her hands fidgeting near the holster of her plasma gun.

On the opposite corner of the room, the creature claws at the door to its enclosure and bares its teeth, its luminous eyes locked on Zahra.

Zahra turns to face the crew. "I'll handle this," she says, her jaw firmly set. "It's my responsibility."

Asuka lowers her weapon, and Kofi steps aside, watching Zahra unsheathe a small vibroblade. The life form charges at her, and Zahra sidesteps with lightning reflexes, plunging the blade into its side.

The creature screeches and thrashes, its movements growing increasingly feeble with each blow. The lab falls silent as the crew watches the grotesque life form go still.

Asuka steps forward, her expression troubled. "You're going to have to answer for this," she says, her voice firm but empathetic.

The crew disperses to their respective tasks, tensions still elevated between them.

Mason returns to his lab, searching for any clues on the ancient civilization. He scrunches his eyebrows in frustration as he sifts through the data, murmuring to himself.

Ada consults her computer, sifting through reams of medical texts to find a cure for the hallucinations. Her hair frizzes around her face, and she chews her lip in concentration, her glasses forgotten at her desk.

Keisha moves swiftly through the cramped passageways of the ship, her eyes scanning for any signs of danger. She wears a bulky spacer suit with bioluminescent strips, allowing her to see in the dark.

Asuka remains at the lab, her thoughts deep in contemplation. Her fingers drum on the laboratory table, and she sighs, thinking of the immense burden of leadership.

Another jolt rocks the ship, and the crew members stumble. The lights flicker and die, plunging the ship into an eerie darkness.

Asuka calls out to her team, her voice amplified by the ship's intercom. "Stay together," she says, her tone focused and authoritative. "We'll find a way out of this."

The life forms have breached the ship's hull, and the crew finds themselves battling the creatures in the stygian gloom. Blaster fire and sharp blades mingle in the air as the space station becomes a battlefield.

Amidst the chaos, the crew works together to repel the life forms. Mason's knowledge of the ancient civilization proves valuable as they fight.

Finally, they eliminate the last of the life forms, and the crew takes a moment to catch their breath, their faces sweaty and flushed.

Zahra is nowhere to be seen.

Asuka is the first to break the silence. "Let's get this ship back in shape," she says, her voice gravelly but relieved.

The crew nods, and they set to work repairing the damage to the ship. Ada administers first aid to the wounded.

Hours pass before the ship is back in working order. Exhausted, the crew gathers in the dining room, haggard but content.

Asuka raises her glass. "To the crew," she says, her voice full of admiration. "I couldn't have asked for a better team."

The crew echoes her sentiment, glasses clinking together in a communal moment of gratitude and reflection.


As they drift off to sleep, the crew members allow themselves to feel a sense of relief and camaraderie. But there is still the matter of the ancient civilization and the enigmas it conceals.

As they look ahead to the unknown, the crew members share a sense of purpose and strength, united by their experiences on the space station. They are steadfast in their quest for knowledge and their yearning for connection amidst the vast emptiness of space.



Here is the revised draft of Scene 5 with added visual descriptions and dialogue improvements:


The crew fights a horde of genetically engineered life forms. Zahra's experiment has mutated, making the creatures even more powerful and dangerous.

Kofi leads the charge, his combat-trained skills put to the test. He blocks a life form's attack with his plasma shield, his muscles bulging as he slams the creature against the wall.

Asuka demonstrates her mastery of her plasma gun, firing off a barrage of shots with deadly accuracy. She ducks under another life form's attack, her long ponytail whipping behind her.

Ada works tirelessly to treat the injured crew members, bandaging wounds and administering injections with lightning-fast speed. She grabs a nearby lab coat to protect herself from the creatures' claws as she rushes to the next injured person.

Mason takes advantage of his expertise in astronomy and navigation, evading the life forms as he heads to the control room. His fingers race over the console, sweat pouring down his face as he searches for a way to repel the mutants.

Keisha uses her robotics skills to fight off the life forms, her custom-built drones equipped with lasers to cut through the creatures' tough skin. She moves with grace and aggression, her blonde braids swaying as she dodges the life forms' attacks.

Asuka's voice crackles over the intercom, her tone urgent but controlled. "Stick together, crew. We can do this."

The life forms are tenacious, latching on to the crew with razor-sharp claws and teeth. But the crew's teamwork and perseverance allow them to gain the upper hand. They start to eliminate the creatures one by one, their movements becoming more coordinated as they work together.

In a final, intense moment, a life form lands a fatal blow to Zahra, whose body slumps to the ground. The crew is momentarily stunned, before they fight back with renewed vigor.

The last of the life forms falls, and the crew is left breathless and battered. They take a moment to mourn the loss of Zahra before moving on.

Asuka orders a ship-wide check for any more possible threats, her voice shaking slightly. "We need to make sure there's no chance of these things coming back."

Mason approaches Kofi, a strained look on his face. "I have something to show you," he says, leading Kofi to the control room.

The crew is left to take stock of their casualties, their thoughts wracked with grief and exhaustion. But as they catch their breath, a glimmer of hope arises - Mason has decoded messages from an alien civilization, pointing towards a path of newfound peace.


The crew comes together, each of them grappling with their own thoughts and feelings. As they return to their daily routine, they are marked by the trauma they have experienced.

But in the midst of their struggles, they have found each other - and through the pain and fear, they have gained a newfound appreciation for human connection.



Here's a revised draft of Scene 6:



With the life forms growing in strength and danger, the crew members have reunited, working together to eliminate the threat and stop Zahra's experiment from causing any more chaos.

Mason and Kofi lean over the glowing console, heads close together as they exchange ideas and create a plan to repel the life forms. Kofi's traditional beliefs about the sanctity of life contrast with Mason's scientific detachment, but they work past their differences to design a solution that will save lives.

Ada rushes around the room, administering medical assistance while warding off the enraged creatures. Her deft movements and laser-focus attention allow her to deliver precise care to her injured crew members. She moves with an incredible speed, showing no signs of exhaustion or fear in this dangerous situation.

Keisha's custom-built drones cut through the creatures' tough skin with ease, leaving a trail of destruction behind. Her agile movements and aggressive attacks reflect her passionate drive to protect her crewmates at all costs.

Asuka's voice crackles over the intercom, briefing the crew on vital information and encouraging them to stay focused. "We can do this. Stick together and stay strong."

Zahra, who had begun the experiment with the intention of bettering humankind, sacrifices herself to destroy the life forms. Her lifeless body falls to the ground, a tragic sacrifice that the crew members honor with a moment of sorrow. They are reminded once again of the dangers of their work and the importance of cherishing life.

Mason's astute mind has decoded alien messages, which reveal a message of peace and a promise for a better future. The crew breathes a collective sigh of relief, knowing that their efforts have not been in vain. They exchange emotional moments of gratitude and empathy towards one another, recognizing the value of human connection in the midst of isolation and danger.

As they set about their daily routines, the crew knows that they have been forever marked by this traumatic experience. But they are also reminded of the strength and resilience they possess, and the bonds they have formed through their shared experience. As they gaze out into the infinite expanse of space, they feel a sense of wonder and possibility, knowing that there are still limitless discoveries awaiting them.




After the traumatic events that have unfolded, the crew members sit together in the cafeteria, eating their meals and chatting quietly. The atmosphere is somber but peaceful, and they are all grateful for the chance to sit together and decompress.

Mason stands at the head of the table, projecting holographic images of his latest findings about the alien civilization on the nearby planet. The crew members lean in, fascinated by the new discoveries. He wears his typical blue jumpsuit, with a NASA patch on the chest and a toolbelt around his waist. Kofi, sitting next to him, wears a green jumpsuit with a matching NASA patch. He smiles proudly at Mason's scientific prowess, his earlier concerns about genetic engineering fading into the background.

Ada sits next to Kofi, her expression soft and contemplative. She wears a blue jumpsuit similar to Mason's, but with a red NASA patch on the chest. Suddenly, she puts down her fork, her eyes glistening with tears. "I never got the chance to tell you all about my wife," she says quietly. "She...she died a few years ago. It's been hard for me to talk about, but I feel like I can share it with you now."

The other crew members reach out to comfort her, offering words of sympathy and support. Keisha, sitting at the other end of the table, wears a pink jumpsuit with a NASA patch. She clears her throat and speaks up. "I never got the chance to tell you all either," she says. "I'm...I'm trans. Just wanted you to know."

The silence that follows is broken by Asuka's quiet laugh. She wears a yellow jumpsuit with a NASA patch, and her short black hair is pulled back into a ponytail. "You guys," she says, "I've been the commander of this station for too long. I'm ready to get back to what I love - science." She raises her glass in a toast. "To new beginnings."

The others follow suit, clinking their glasses together in agreement. They all share a moment of connection, grateful for the struggles and challenges that have brought them closer together.

As they begin to clear the table and head back to their duties, the camera lingers on their faces for a moment longer. They are still isolated in the infinite expanse of space, but now they are not alone. They have each other, and that is enough.