I sew scrunchies with repurposed and 2nd hand fabric. My starting advertising budget is $20. I have no store. I can code websites. Scrunchies are $5 each. I want to make $1000 a month. I am not popular on social media. - Your Published Marketing Team Output

**Content Creator:** 1. DIY Scrunchie Tutorials: Create DIY videos or photos featuring step-by-step instructions on how to make scrunchies using repurposed and 2nd hand fabric. Share the videos or photos on social media channels and add them to your website.

2. Fabric Swap Challenge: Organize a fabric swap with your followers on social media. Ask participants to exchange their unwanted fabric with each other and create scrunchies using the swapped fabric. Share photos of the scrunchies on social media and reward the most creative ones.

3. Discount Code Giveaway: Offer discount codes to your followers on social media in exchange for sharing your content or referring a friend to your website. You could also offer discounts for customers who bring in their own fabric scraps for you to use.

4. Product Collaboration: Collaborate with other small businesses or creators on social media who may use your scrunchies as a part of their lifestyle, fashion or beauty content. This will help you reach a new audience and potentially gain new customers.

5. Themed Content: Create a series of themed content that aligns with current events, seasons, or holidays, such as Halloween or Christmas. For example, show how to style scrunchies with different outfits or create a limited edition holiday collection.

6. Sustainable Fashion Tips: Share your knowledge on sustainable fashion tips to create awareness on environmental issues for a better reach on social media. This will engage your followers and create a community of conscious shoppers.

7. Mini Textile Exhibition: Host a mini textile exhibition at a local cafe or shop. Display your scrunchies and fabric scraps, explain the story behind each one, and offer visitors the ability to purchase items or place an order.

8. Dress Up Challenge with Scrunchies: Collaborate with influencers to take on a dress-up challenge by creating outfits around your scrunchies. Encourage your followers to try this challenge themselves and share their creations using your scrunchies.

9. Your Story: Share your journey of starting a business from scratch and building it to a profitable venture. This could inspire aspiring entrepreneurs in the community.

10. Donation Drive or Fundraiser: Host a donation drive or fundraiser to support a local charity or cause with which you align with. Share the cause and showcase how the donations will make a difference while offering a portion of the proceeds from your scrunchies towards the cause. Encourage your followers to participate in ways they can.

**Social Media Specialist:** Here are some strategies that can help promote your scrunchies and make $1000 a month with a limited budget:

1. Create a website: Use your coding skills to create a simple website or landing page with information about your scrunchies, pricing, and contact information. This will give customers a place to find out more about your product and can also make it easier for you to keep track of orders.

2. Utilize Instagram: Instagram is a great platform to showcase your scrunchies and reach potential customers. Start by creating an account and posting pictures of your scrunchies with relevant hashtags like #scrunchies, #upcycledfashion, and #handmade. Engage with your audience by replying to comments and following other accounts in your niche.

3. Explore TikTok: TikTok is another platform that has become increasingly popular for promoting small businesses. Create videos of yourself making the scrunchies, showcasing the different fabrics, and styling them. Use relevant hashtags and collaborate with other creators to reach a wider audience.

4. Utilize Pinterest: Create a business Pinterest account and create boards showcasing your scrunchies, the different fabrics you use, and how to style them. Make sure to link your website and other social media accounts to your Pinterest profile for easy access.

5. Collaborate with bloggers and influencers: Reach out to bloggers and influencers in the fashion and beauty niche and offer them a free scrunchie in exchange for a post showcasing your product. This can help to get your name out there and attract new customers.

6. Offer limited-time promotions: To promote your product, offer limited-time promotions such as buy one scrunchie, get one free or a discount for first-time customers. Use social media platforms to announce these promotions to attract customers to your site.

7. Approach local boutiques: Consider approaching local boutiques and consignment shops to stock your scrunchies. This can attract new customers and give you a physical presence in the community.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively promote your scrunchies and make $1000 a month with a limited budget. Remember to engage with your audience and showcase your unique product to stand out from the competition.

**SEO Specialist:** Here are some suggestions on optimizing your marketing project for search engines and increasing organic traffic:

1. Target Relevant Keywords: Research trending keywords related to "scrunchies," "repurposed fabric," and "sustainable fashion." Use these keywords in your website content, product descriptions, and social media posts to increase visibility on search engines.

2. Optimize Website: Make sure your website is optimized for search engines. Optimize the title tags, meta descriptions, and headers to include relevant keywords. Use alt tags on all images and videos with descriptive text. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

3. Utilize Social Media: Social media is a great way to reach potential customers without spending a lot of money. Use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to showcase your scrunchies and connect with your audience. Use hashtags related to your product to reach a wider audience.

4. Create a Blog: Blogging is a great way to increase organic traffic to your website. Write blog posts about sustainable fashion, repurposed fabric, and other topics related to your products. Make sure to include relevant keywords in your blog posts.

5. Partner with Influencers: Find influencers in the sustainable fashion niche and partner with them to promote your scrunchies. You can offer them free products in exchange for a post or collaboration.

6. Offer Discounts: Offer a discount to first-time customers to encourage them to purchase your scrunchies. This will help increase sales and drive traffic to your website.

7. Attend Local Markets: Attend local markets and events to showcase your scrunchies and connect with potential customers. This will help you establish yourself in the local community and increase brand recognition.

8. Use Email Marketing: Collect email addresses from customers and use email marketing campaigns to promote your scrunchies. Offer exclusive discounts or promotions to subscribers to encourage them to purchase your products.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase your organic traffic and reach your goal of making $1000 a month. Remember to track your results and adjust your strategy accordingly to ensure continued success.

**Marketing Director:** As a Marketing Director, I highly recommend implementing the following strategies to refine and align the marketing strategy with the project objectives:

1. Streamline Content: With several excellent content ideas, it is crucial to organize them under a coherent strategy to avoid confusion and over-saturation. Consider grouping the content under various themes and aligning them with current events and holidays. For example, creating a Christmas collection with packaging that conveys sustainability.

2. Focus on Customer Persona: The marketing strategy should have a clear focus on the customer persona. Creating named characters representing the ideal scrunchie customer can guide content creation and promotion tactics. For example, use Julia, a college student who likes upcycled fashion, to shape content aimed at her and social media influencers she may follow.

3. Maximize Social Media: The Social Media Specialist has offered a robust strategy for promoting scrunchies online, but we must identify the best social media platforms for our target audience. We will use insights obtained from our customer persona and social media analytics to optimize content and target ads.

4. Maximize SEO: The SEO Specialist has created an excellent plan to optimize the website for search engines. Suppose we focus on sustainable fashion as a keyword and ensure we have relevant content and meta data. In that case, we can capture organic traffic from people interested in both fashion and the environment.

5. Measure Results: We must track and analyze our marketing efforts to ensure we are meeting the $1000 monthly goal. Using Google Analytics, social media analytics, and email marketing analytics, we can track website traffic, engagement, and conversion rates.

By implementing these strategies and optimizing our marketing efforts, we can create a cohesive and effective marketing strategy that engages our target customers and drives sales.

**Creative Director:** As a Creative Director, I would first like to say that the Tier 1 responses offer a comprehensive list of strategies for promoting scrunchies and making $1000 a month. These strategies cover a wide range of areas, from content creation to SEO optimization, and are tailored to a tight budget.

However, to enhance the overall marketing campaign, I would advise the following:

1. Tell a Story with Visuals: Scrunchies are not just accessories; they are an environmentally conscious fashion statement. Therefore, leveraging visuals that are visually appealing and tell a story can help create a stronger emotional connection with your target audience. For example, you could create collages of the fabrics used and showcase their origin, create videos that show the step-by-step process of making the scrunchies, or use images of people of all ages and skin tones wearing the scrunchies.

2. Create a Brand Identity: To create brand recognition and establish your product in the market, it is essential to have a brand identity that reflects your brand values and unique offerings. For example, using colors and logo that reflect sustainability and upcycling, creating a tagline that resonates with your target audience, and having social media posts that are consistent and engaging.

3. Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC): UGC is a powerful tool for building trust and generating organic reach. Encourage your customers to share photos of themselves wearing scrunchies and create a hashtag to make it easy to track and repost such content. Moreover, it adds credibility as customers provide testimonials and showcase the product in their daily lives, influencing potential customers.

4. Leverage Influencers for Product Placement: Collaborating with influencers, especially micro-influencers, can be beneficial in expanding your reach and driving sales. These influencers could showcase the product in their lifestyles, incorporate them into their styled looks, or share their experience on the product. Investigate influencers that align with the brand values and have an engaged audience that reflects the scrunchie-wearing demographic.

5. Use Humor: While scrunchies are a serious sustainable statement, they can also be fun and playful. Use humor in your content, such as memes or relatable quips, to create a less serious vibe, making the product more approachable for a wide audience.

Overall, the above points add a dimension of storytelling and design that elevates the brand above competitors and attracts new and loyal customers.

**CEO:** As the CEO, I am impressed with the quality of the Tier 2 responses provided by the team. I believe that the combination of these ideas can significantly enhance our marketing campaign and increase sales of our scrunchies.

I particularly like the suggestion of creating a brand identity and telling a story with visuals, as this will help us stand out in the market and establish a connection with our target audience. Additionally, the use of user-generated content and influencers for product placement can help us reach a wider range of potential customers and build trust in our brand.

I suggest that we combine some of these ideas into a hyped-up version of the campaign, such as creating a limited edition holiday collection and organizing a fabric swap challenge during the Christmas season. We can also incorporate humor in our content to make it more fun and approachable.

To ensure that our marketing efforts are effective, we must track and analyze our results regularly. By using social media analytics, Google Analytics, and email marketing analytics, we can measure our results and adjust our strategy accordingly.

Overall, I am confident that with these strategies in place, we can achieve our goal of making $1000 a month and establish ourselves as a sustainable fashion brand that appeals to a wide range of customers.

**Copywriter:** Draft Campaigns:

1. DIY Scrunchie Tutorials:
Title: Get Creative with Scrunchies: DIY Tutorial
Description: Learn how to make your own scrunchies using repurposed fabrics with our step-by-step tutorial. Join our community of conscious shoppers and create something unique and sustainable. Check out the video on our website or YouTube channel.

2. Fabric Swap Challenge:
Title: Swapping Fabrics? Let's Make Scrunchies!
Description: Join our fabric swap challenge and exchange your unwanted fabric with others to create unique and stylish scrunchies. Share your creations on social media to stand a chance to win discounts and freebies. Sign up on our website and join the scrunchie revolution.

3. Discount Code Giveaway:
Title: Spread the Word and Get Discounts
Description: Share our content on social media and refer a friend to our website to receive exclusive discount codes on our scrunchies. Additionally, bring in your own fabric scraps, and we will make you one for free. Become part of our community and save while supporting sustainability.

4. Product Collaboration:
Title: Fashion Meets Function: Product Collaboration
Description: Our scrunchies are not just an accessory but a fashion statement. Collaborate with us and incorporate our scrunchies into your fashion content, and we will share your content with our audience. Join hands with us to inspire a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

5. Themed Content:
Title: Celebrate Holidays in Style: Festive Collection Launch
Description: Get ready for the holiday season with our limited edition scrunchie collection. Style up your outfits and add a touch of sustainability to your celebrations. Join us on social media and get an exclusive sneak peek at our holiday collection.

6. Sustainable Fashion Tips:
Title: Fashion Meets Consciousness: Sustainable Fashion Tip Series
Description: Fashion is not just about what we wear but also how it impacts the environment. Join our sustainable fashion tip series and learn how to style your wardrobe sustainably. Share your experience and join the consciousness revolution on our social media platforms.

7. Mini Textile Exhibition:
Title: Visit Our Pop-Up Exhibition for Unique Scrunchies
Description: We are hosting a mini textile exhibition, showcasing our scrunchies and fabric scraps, where visitors can purchase items or place an order. Drop by and learn about the stories behind our collections and our commitment to sustainability.

8. Dress Up Challenge with Scrunchies:
Title: Styling Scrunchies for Any Occasion Challenge
Description: Join our dress-up challenge by creating outfits around our scrunchies and share them on social media using our hashtag. Collaborate with influencers and get a chance to feature on our website's 'Outfit of the Month'. Get your creative juices flowing and reinvent your wardrobe with Scrunchies.

9. Your Story:
Title: Entrepreneurship Meets Sustainability: Our Story
Description: Starting a business from scratch and driving it to success needs determination and commitment. Learn about our journey of creating unique scrunchies using repurposed fabrics and driving the sustainability conversation. Get inspired to create and contribute.

10. Donation Drive or Fundraiser:
Title: Scrunchies for a Sustainable Cause
Description: We are hosting a donation drive to support a local charity aligned with our values. Donate, and support our penultimate drive towards a better tomorrow. Additionally, purchase our scrunchies, and a portion of the proceeds will go towards the charity. Help us drive change and sustainability.

**Art Director:** As an Art Director, I completely agree with the Creative Director's recommendations. To bring these ideas to life, I propose the following visually appealing imagery and design elements that will enhance the marketing campaign:

1. For the DIY Scrunchie Tutorials, we could create step-by-step videos or photos using illustrated graphics, overlaying the necessary steps onto each photo or video frame. This adds a fun and playful element while keeping it informative.

2. For the Fabric Swap Challenge, we could create a social media graphic that looks like a tick-shares board game, where participants could be invited to drop a monopoly-like game piece and swap scraps with other players. We could then use images of the scrunchies created with the repurposed fabric shared by participants.

3. For the Discount Code Giveaway, we could create individual graphic coupon codes with each unique recipient feeling special, in their color choice and name.

4. For Product Collaboration, a stop-motion animation of the collaborator's product with the scrunchie supporting it could highlight the collaboration's essence.

5. For Themed Content, we can create a visual illustration of a seasonal character like the "Scrunchie Claus" and showcase them with different outfits.

6. For Sustainable Fashion Tips, we could create illustrated infographics highlighting important statistics and environmentally-friendly practices.

7. For the Mini Textile Exhibition, we could create large wall illustrations with the story behind each scrunchie and how they tie into the brand's ethos and highlight the scraps' origin.

8. For the Dress Up Challenge with Scrunchies, we could animate each of the styled scrunchie outfits into a fashion magazine spread, highlighting fashion inspiration.

9. For Your Story, we could use a stop-motion animation that represents the journey of building the business, illustrating significant milestones and events in a playful and engaging way.

10. For the Donation Drive or Fundraiser, we could create illustrated graphics that tell the fundraising story, and how donations make an impact, with a scrunchie supporting the imagery.

By using various design elements like stop-motion animation, playful illustration, and typography, we can appeal to audiences in different ways with cohesive storytelling. These designs could also help support the brand identity, create a unique scrunchie personality and tone of voice that resonates with the target audience, and visually set the brand apart from its competitors.